Kylie Jenner Before & After Photos: Plastic Surgery Rumors Resurface, Called "Ridiculous" By Rep

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Kylie Jenner's face has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. This is not up for debate. The real question is whether it's just her coming of age, or ...

The obligatory plastic surgery rumors are running amok lately as the 16-year-old starts looking more and more like her much older Kardashian half-sisters.

Take a look at these before and after photos below and see ...

  • Kylie Jenner Face
  • Kylie Jenner's Face

She certainly looks more like Kim Kardashian - who actually modeled Kylie's bikini the other day - than her full sibling Kendall Jenner these days, doesn't she?

She does. That said, they were birthed by the same woman.

Also, one's appearance can change a lot, and naturally so, throughout one's teenage years. She's growing up, for sure, but is the plastic surgery talk legit?

OK! Magazine Australia "experts" claim Kylie's gotten Botox, heavily utilized lip plumpers, and has had a nose job, all by the tender age of 16.

For the record, Kylie's camp denies all this, adamantly.

In spite of their so-called conclusion, and that peculiar trampoline accident, a rep for Kylie Jenner tells the Mail Online, "That’s so ridiculous and not true.

If we had to guess, we'd side with the rep. At least for now.

This doesn't mean Kylie and Kendall Jenner won't go down that road someday, or emulate their older half sisters in ways you don't even want to think about.

It also doesn't mean they aren't good at pushing the envelope already (see gallery below) from time to time. But getting plastic surgery? As teenagers?

Not even Kris and Bruce Jenner would consent to that ...

Kendall Jenner Side Boob
Kendall Jenner posted this photo to Instagram. It shows off her side boob.

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Isn't plastic surgery supposed to improve your looks?


Have you never heard of contouring? -.- You can tell that she's contoured her makeup, it's like the kardashian right of passage.


I wonder if the Kardashian clan got a family discount on collagen? Because it looks like they all got their lips done before Kim's wedding. It drives me nuts when people deny plastic surgery when IT'S SO OBVIOUS!


What did bruce jenner ever,see in "Chris " Kardashian" I can't stand the "Kardashians" she will problemly ruin the "Jenner" girls also.


WOW you people commenting OBVIOUSLY don't know anything about makeup. You can easily make your lips look big with a matte lip liner and that is exactly what she does. If you see any episodes of keeping up with the Kardashians when Kylie has no makeup on her lips are tiny as ever. She over draws them with lip liner, and when she is in the sunlight you an see the line where her lips stops and the liner starts. Pay attention to details people. Plus she has lost a GREAT deal of weight which explains why her chin seems to be smaller and her face is slimmer. As for her nose, simple contouring can make your nose look a great deal smaller and her boobs could just be a push up bra that is really padded. She has small boobs when she is in a bikini. Her eyes were always big but when she applies a black eyeliner only to her waterline and does crap eye shadow it made her eyes look smaller, but now that she uses lots of mascara and fake lashes and doesn't put a black liner in her waterline you can actually see her beautiful eyes. Plus her eyebrows can easily be changed no matter what. Brows are such an easy feature to change and plus you can tell that she has a good makeup artist now that knows how to do makeup and she has done SUCH a good job that Kylie now has to deal with people saying she has had work done. It is so obvious that she hasn't had any work done, you just have to pay attention to detail, and honestly until someone comes out and admits to being Kylie's plastic surgeon I will not believe she has had work done.


Bruce Jenner


She got her nose thinned out, her lips plumped up, and her chin made smaller. Poor girl.. so vain for 16 years old.. what a shame to be so self conscience at such a young age. But hay, look at her role models. She was doomed from the start...


You can see that Kylie has lost a lot of weight and she is growing up. As a teen gets older their body does change. A person's face looks very different when they lose weight. Your features become more distinctive. Makeup and contouring can also change a person's face. Just look at the before and after photos of models and actors. She is a beautiful girl. One of the reasons girls feel so compelled to change themselves is because of all of the people who criticize their looks. Live and let live.


thats the website that shows kim mid contouring