Kylie Jenner: Back in a Bikini, Being a Total Hypocrite

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Note to Kylie Jenner: Shut up or cover up.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star pleaded for privacy this week, Tweeting that she's only 16 and she “made [a] decision to keep as much as my life as personal as possible" while filming episodes for E!.

Then, she went out and put a bikini photo of herself posing with Hailey Baldwin online.

Kylie, of course, has been posting intimate pictures of herself on Instagram for month now.

Here is Jenner in a bikini with friends. 

Here's a selfie of her butt.

Here's THG telling Kylie that if she wants her private life to remain private... perhaps she should stop sharing so much of it on the Internet.

And here's a look at many examples of Kylie and her sister doing the exact opposite:


I'm a huge fan of the Kardashian/Jenner family and I've been a fan ever since the show started. I understand exactly what they're talking about. The media should only be privy to what is shown on their TV show. I don't care if one of them posted a video of themselves dancing naked online, the media has no right to cop the video, repost it somewhere else, and then turn it around on them like it's their fault. Kylie's social media account is Kylie's! Kylie wasn't saying don't film me on the show, whilst being filmed on the show. She's saying, stop frickin' following me around and stealing Twitter photos and Keek videos of mine to use for your own gain or agenda. When the E! cameras are not rolling, their personal lives are their personal lives! Stop cyber-stalking a 16 year old and grow up!


First of all, this article is horribly written. Second of all half of these pictures have inaccurate information in the titles. That's not a BMW. Kylie is wearing shorts and isn't "pant less." You are right, they are hypocrites. As are you for thinking this is actual journalism.


Please, do not show this ugly Duckling anymore.


don't care.


Oh please, oh please I need my privacy...just ignore the 20 plus photos of my private parts on the internet. #K-Jen InstaSham

@ Dalyce

on instagram or twitter or whatever, she is uploading her own pictures. its very different to having someone else follow you around and take pictures of you when you're not expecting it. the point is the CHOICE.

@ dede



Posting a picture on your Instagram account of yourself and a friend having fun at a public beach is NOT hypocritical. The person that wrote this article should be ashamed of themselves. Stop harassing a 16 year old and go find some real entertainment news to report.


They don't respect themselves or nobody else... the whole family is a family of whores.. and these magazines and all of hollywood is their paying TRICKS...Hollywood has gone to the dogs.. there is nothing good about hollywood anymore.. It is nothing but a haven for Ratchet Trash..that get paid to be whores..thieves..convicts..liars..thieves..homos..lesbians..and anybody that would do anything for the love of money....there is no more dignity in hollywood...

@ t.i.t.l.

fuck off you homophobic twat. its called entertainment and it keeps the majority happy so watch whatever you like and dont watch what u dont like and keep your big ass mouth shut.


Not a "K" fan, any of them, but everyone's a hypocrite to one degree or another. No one is perfect, so expecting it of a 16 year old is totally unfair.


The whole family is that way, and they know that sex sell's..


...and idiots would keep on buying...


Privacy and being a fame whore don't go together. Shouldn't a responsible and caring adult in her life explain this? Oh, silly me.

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