Kris Jenner Sex Tape: At the Center of an Extortion Plot?!?

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We already know the Kim Kardashian sex tape isn't the only amateur porn video in this family, thanks to a disturbing scene earlier this year on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

It's horrifying but true: a Kris Jenner sex tape is out there.

But the real question now is this: Does someone else have it? And is he blackmailing Jenner by threatening its release?

According to Radar Online, a man has called Jenner over 100 times in the last week, demanding money in exchange for the footage.

"If he’s not paid, he claims, he’ll release the tape," claims an anonymous insider.

Moreover, the 58-year old mother fears she is being actively stalked by this crazy individual.

“She thinks he could be following her,” the source says. “She went out to eat and then got a text from him saying ‘Are you enjoying the restaurant? This person knew where she was.”

Okay, that is scary. If true, of course.

The family isn’t taking any chances, increasing security around Kris and turning over all relevant intel to the authorities.

"Everyone is worried," Radar concluded.

As they should be. Then again, the Kardashians have been known to be at the center of stories that were less than accuate. To wit:


Pleeeezzzeeee!!!!! Really!!! is this the best you got? Really??? Who, in their right mind, would want to watch it for free??? it's laughable. Truly laughable.


Lord, how awful would it be to see that!!! Yuck!!!


Looks like there show is going down. These people are ridiculous, but very, very rich.


They all live off sex!! Their all woe"s.....


This is just mom's way of creating free advertising. I bet the video is recent. She's just trying to keep up with the younger K's. Apparently, things are going as planned. Wonder who they got to have sex with her? I'm surprised she wants to kumpete with Kim for the better BJ. Maybe Kim's not that good and Kris thinks she can do better. Nothing like a little mother/daughter kompetition.


Do I have to be surprised ?
I hope the other Jenner brothers would save their little sisters, Kendall and Kyle before it's too late !!!!!

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