Kris Jenner Playboy Spread: Actually Coming Soon?!?

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Brace yourselves, public. The odds of seeing Kris Jenner naked grow stronger and stronger by the day.

With a Kris Jenner sex tape rumors already making its way around the Internet, sources now tell Heat magazine that Jenner may make like daughter Kim Kardashian...

... and pose in Playboy!

Kris Jenner Profile

“Kris has been talking about posing for Playboy magazine for a while now,” the publication writes. “She’s in the best shape of her life and is keen to show it off. The bikini shot she posted on Instagram recently was well received that she’s said, ‘Why not?'"

Because she's a mother? Heck, because she's a grandmother?

Because she's already a millionaire? Because such a spread could cause countless people to lose their lunch simultaneously?

Should we keep listing reasons why not, Kris?

A spokesperson for Playboy simply say “we never comment one way or the other about these types of rumors," leaving the door open for this frightening possibility.

VOTE now: Would you want to see Kris Jenner in Playboy?

What about these celebrities? Should they bare it all in these famous pages?




Kris Jenner is a beautiful woman, such as her daughters, Why do you haters hate so much??Get a life , Didn't your parents teach you if you don't have something nice to say don't speak at all

Andy jackson

Only you sickos would want to see this old toad naked.She is disgustingly ugly.Her face redone by who knows how many surgeries that she is on her way to looking more like Michael Jackson.


I would love to see kris on playboy and on that sex tape come on we all kno theres plenty of guys out there that wouldnt hesitate to go into bed with kris hey im 26 andi would love to have just one night with her shes hot for her age how many of u have a mom her age that looks that good?


yes, help me with wanking, kris!!


Chris Jenner looks very good for her age, but is nothing sacred with the Kardashians of selling their naked bodies for money. If it isnt a grown up Kardashian it is a top flashing teenager, to a naked baby in national magazines. If someone else put their naked child on a national magazine it would be labeled porn and the cops and DHS would be visiting the people. People get turned in at Walmart and other places that develop pictures for naked children every month, so we are wondering about the Kardashians excuses for what was child abuse and improper selling of naked pictures of North. Totally inappropriate and tacky, and what are their stupid minds even thinking.




Hopefully, she's better on the outside than the inside. If her outside looks like her inside, we'll all go blind.

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