Kris Jenner Admits: I Planned the Kanye Proposal!

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There was a 50-piece orchestra. There were fireworks. There was shock on the face of Kim Kardashian and tears running down the cheeks of various family members.

What an amazing proposal by Kanye West back in October, right?!? Or, perhaps we should say... by Kris Jenner?

The reality star was forced to admit under oath this month that she played a significant part in this supposedly surprisingly event.

The admission came to light as part of a declaration in conjunction with a family lawsuit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, who they say illegally taped the proceedings inside AT&T Park.

"I played a major role in organizing and running the event," Jenner told a lawyer. "I was directly involved in formulating and was familiar with the guest list.”

SHOCKING, we know! Next, we'll learn that Kris was somehow behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape as well!

Kardashian and West also sold the exclusive rights to footage from the proposal for a hefty fee, which is why they're taking Hurley to court in the first place:

He posted some of it online the week after it took place.

Kim and Kanye were irate after this video hit the Internet, saying in the lawsuit that “Hurley proceeded to try to turn the event into one starring himself, broadcasting the images he knew were the property rights of someone else.”

That may be illegal, yes.

But the Kardashians calling someone out for trying to turn their personal lives into a publicized event? A tad ironic, no?

A hearing has been set for March 18 to determine if the lawsuit will proceed to trial.


both kimmy and pimpager krissy look like the plastic trampy pigs they have become. have more fillers and bigger lips girls, u look like a waxed, dead face now. the whole kartrashes are ugly with plastic and fillers...keep going so you all get uglier and more pathetic looking. ugh, what piggy media whores they have all become. barf!


Well it was a major fail if it was supposed to be a romantic moment and memory. Nothing says love like an empty baseball field! There had to be hundreds, no thousands of more appropriate places to ask your GF to marry you. Kim looked shocked through the whole thing, which is how any female would be. WTF did a baseball field have to do with their relationship? For stupid proposal ideas this ranks way up there. It would have been more romantic if Kanye proposed to her at one if his concerts. Someone should gag Kris and tell her to mind her own business!


What ISN'T orchestrated by pimp mommy when it comes to these women? I'm pretty sure this is why Bruce ran away. And I say KEEP GOING. FREE YOURSELF. None of that said "Kanye West set this up". So I mean, she probably taught 'em how to frick frack in the first place. This is why no eye will bat and there will be no sympathy because Mommie Dearest is the reason they get so much attention. If not for the saturation, they would be another rich family destined to fade out a la Paris Hilton. Jeez.


I don't recall reading that the episode of the show that aired the proposal was a record breaker as far as viewership. In fact, I wouldn't have even known it was on if I hadn't been channel surfing at the time. I watched MAYBE 2 minutes. I don't know what made up the rest of the episode but I saw the proposal itself. So, a big lawsuit over a couple minutes of footage (that the K Krew supposedly sold for BIG bucks?) makes absolutely NO sense to me. How many people actually took time to go watch a cell phone clip of it on YouTube? NOT ME! Trust me the family OR the show wasn't so financially damaged that it harmed them in ANY way.


The fact that the Billboard said "Pleeese Marry Meeeee" was so juvenile. How old are they - Are they still in middle school? Kanye the Genius and Kris the Pimp are sooooo brilliant...


Way to twist this around. Kanye planned this and Kris helped with the guest list and logistics just like others did. He can't do it by himself. He's talked about it Desperate for hits


I how how long Kim will continue to let other people rule her life. Kanyne and Chris together will ruin her and her child's happiness, eventually.


So sickening and so over rated .....
Why people watching this retarded so called family ? There are other worthy news in the world that we have to be concerned of, but glamorizing this ?


Well, now is still ANOTHER big JOKE masterminded by the LUNATIC Kris Jenner? This type of thing now, I wonder if Kanye West actually can THINK for himself, or is he PAYING Kris Jenner for the PURCHASE of her daughter Kim.. This is so SICKENING now. Anything with the PRESS/MEDIA Kris Jenner has her PIMPY face in the picture. Isn't it TIME for the Kris *Pimp* show to END!! If *E* can't find something else to AMUSE the audience, they are sure in a real big SLUMP.


This whole family lives on sex! No talent at all!!!

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