Kim Kardashian vs. Kylie Jenner: Battle of the Bikinis!

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It's time for a sexy sisterly showdown.

While on vacation in Miami this week, Kim Kardashian took a selfie of herself in a bikini. But not just any bikini... one that belongs to 16-year old sister Kylie Jenner!

In other words: It's totally on now!

Already one of Hollywood's most overexposed celebrities, Kim exposes a whole lot of herself in the following photos. But does she outdo her half-sibling?

Compare, contrast and vote: Who wears this bikini best?

Fashion Face-Off!

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are actually wearing the SAME bikini in this photo. Who pulls it off best? View Poll »

Kim, of course, is often known to wear a bikini or two dozen.

Relive some of the best Kim Kardashian bikini body moments here:


Kim just can't help herself. She's the modern "Mirror, mirror on the wall" woman.


based on those pics, Kim FTW....she looks like a woman...kylie looks like a ladyboy.


Kim looks so desperate, depressed, or mad, almost like she want's to cry! What is wrong with this old hag! those walls, windows and mirror say it all, PHOTO-SHOPPED! hasn't she learned her lesson or does she not care that people laugh at her constantly. Guess not, look at the way she was treated in Austria. An 82 year old billionaire called her ANNOYING and then she was taunted and humiliated by two other individuals all within two hours. This lady just doesn't get it, KIM you are so OVER!


I find it hard to believe that Kim could fit that fat #*& into anything Kylie owns!!


Kim definalty has a lose screw. She needs to carry herself like a lady, and concentrate in verbally expressing herself by taking a 101 language class. Stop.... lettting your ass and cleavage do the talking. STOP competing with your little sisters, you are old and had your turn already!

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