Kim Kardashian Selfies: Small Waist, Huge Boobs

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It's safe to say by now that Kim Kardashian has lost all her baby weight.

The reality star took to Instagram today and posted pair of new selfies, both showing off her svelte figure.

One offers a look at her miniscule waist, the other makes it clear why she's a celebrity with really, really big boobs:

That bikini is actually property of Kylie Jenner, her 16-year-old half-sister.

Because of course it is. We all know Kim is obsessed with young Kylie.

Kim, of course, has come under fire for having an out-of-control butt, firing back against tabloid criticism by saying she will never conform to "skinny standards."

We'd love to know what the point of these photos is then ...

Kim Kardashian, Tiny Waist
Kim Kardashian Boobs Selfie

"Today's Look -- #KardashianKollectionCroppedTurtleneck #VintageAlaiaDress #AlaiaHeels," Kardashian captioned the clothed image, reminding us of at least one point:


She often gets paid by companies simply to mention their dress in a social media post.

But how much can we really hate on someone who wore the following ensemble out in Miami this week? Keep going your thing, Kim Kardashian!




While her body is weird, it's okay. It's her head that is the more out of shape. I'm sure the males she has had sex with enjoy the big boobs and giant rear end. I'm guessing it's not the sex that ends her relationships, it's her "Do you know who I am?!" attitude that is the killer. I hope she will become a good mother. The beginnings don't look favorable. This is scary for the daughter. It's those first few years that a child grows up with.


these are the requirements of a loving & caring wife.


It is an illusion - the selfie is taken in a wall mirror that doesn't have perfect reflection

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