Kenya Moore 911 Call: I've Been Assaulted! By Porsha Williams!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore dialed 911 minutes after being whomped on by Porsha Stewart last week, and her voice tells the story.

As 911 calls go, it's pretty tame - no screaming, hysterics or chaos to speak of - but Moore was clearly far from pleased as she phoned in the assault.

We'll have to wait until the reunion show airs to know how bad it actually got between then, but Porsha Stewart beat up Kenya Moore with cameras rolling.

When one listens to Kenya nonchalantly telling the 911 dispatcher, "I've just been assaulted," one can just see her rolling her eyes at the unending drama.

She lists her attacker by her maiden name, Porsha Williams.

Porsha and Kenya exploded on each other Thursday during the taping of the Bravo show's reunion. Some believe Porsha may be fired over the fight.

We somehow doubt that, as drama equals ratings ... but reports from the set indicate that the fight was really bad and way over the line, even for Bravo.

The feud between the co-stars has been brewing all season.

According to insiders, the rising tension finally culminated in Kenya taunting Porsha with sex toys and slamming her relationship with Kordell Stewart.

We can't wait to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and see this go down, but assuming it was Stewart who started it, should she get fired?

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Fire Porsha?


I personally think Kenya got what she deserved. The bitch been starting shit and shit she know annoys everyone. She been in everybody business, she got what the bitch been needing. A good ass beating maybe she would shut the fuck up. I also think porsha shouldn't get fired she did what she had to do. The bitch was talking shit.:)


Porsha did the right thing by beating the crap out of her and Bravo is to blame for keeping someone like her on the show. Kenya is a bully and that should not be allowed on the show. As everyone can see, she has bullied Porsha so much that is why she got a beat down. I do not agree with fighting, but once a person bully you so much, you will lose control. Kenya Moore needs to go rating or no rating.


I will agree, Kenya Moore (whore) needs to be fired, she is a disgrace to the show. She has done nothing but stirred up mess with everyone on the show. She is not married, no children why is this women on the show. Over the years the atl housewives have been one of the favorite show on reality tv, but every since Bravo brought Kenya Moore on it, the show has been going down the drain. If Bravo decides to keep her on the show, then I will no longer watch the show. Kenya Moore says that she will take Nene spot, but no one cares about her on the show and the show will do just fine once she is gone, PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLease fire Kenya Moore before a petition is started to get rid of her.


Kenya Moore is a troublemaker plain and simple she stirs the pot and has been the cause of all the major conflicts this season.

@ JB

If they keep "Kenya Moore", me and my friends will stop watch because she is not married and don't even have a REAL MAN.... She borrowed one and NOW she pretending to have a AFRICAN PRINCE .... If she did she would be RENTING/Leasing. She is JEALOUS OF PHAEDRA.... self made and continuing success and marriage know matter what she thinks about the marriage. PORSHA is young and cute whom was marriage and had someone to PICK Her as there WIFE. KANDI ... got it going on business and marriage and faithly. and NENE. P.S. Her "Aunt", keeps it real with her and she deals with aunt cause nobody including her mom don't like her.


Kenya Moore, is The Biggest Drama Queen~ She is going to Discredit the Show and The Professional Status of Every Woman on the Housewives. Case in Point She isn't nor Has She Ever Been a Wife! Kenya Moore is a Liar and Crazy Person!


This is The Biggest Drama Queen~ She is going to Discredit the Show and The Professional Status of Every Woman on the Housewives. Case in Point She isn't nor Has She Ever Been a Wife! Kenya Moore is a Liar and Crazy Person!


Fire Kenya, she is ruining the show. Nene brought in a bigger audience from her Glee and other appearances. Kenya interrupted everyone all season and it ruined the show. People hate Kenya and are saying if the producers keep giving her so much airtime they will stop watching. Bravo already destroyed Orange County and New Jersey and possibly Beverly Hills. Too much fake drama and made up fights. Kenya is making black women look bad and she lied to get on the show. FIRE that insane woman. Everyone wishes they could slap Kenya out of her psychosis.


she just proposed to lick her........


Keenya got whay she wss fisging for bukling id a crime. Favir is just nit fair. Porshe neef to stat on she dont do drana.

@ Brenda Richardson

What damn language are you speaking?

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