Kenya Moore 911 Call: I've Been Assaulted! By Porsha Williams!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore dialed 911 minutes after being whomped on by Porsha Stewart last week, and her voice tells the story.

As 911 calls go, it's pretty tame - no screaming, hysterics or chaos to speak of - but Moore was clearly far from pleased as she phoned in the assault.

We'll have to wait until the reunion show airs to know how bad it actually got between then, but Porsha Stewart beat up Kenya Moore with cameras rolling.

When one listens to Kenya nonchalantly telling the 911 dispatcher, "I've just been assaulted," one can just see her rolling her eyes at the unending drama.

She lists her attacker by her maiden name, Porsha Williams.

Porsha and Kenya exploded on each other Thursday during the taping of the Bravo show's reunion. Some believe Porsha may be fired over the fight.

We somehow doubt that, as drama equals ratings ... but reports from the set indicate that the fight was really bad and way over the line, even for Bravo.

The feud between the co-stars has been brewing all season.

According to insiders, the rising tension finally culminated in Kenya taunting Porsha with sex toys and slamming her relationship with Kordell Stewart.

We can't wait to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and see this go down, but assuming it was Stewart who started it, should she get fired?

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Fire Porsha?


Porsha isnt stupid, in fact she has handled Kenyas shit like a real woman for far far too long, Porsha has held her composure. Kenya is just bored and single and has nothing else to do but hate on other peoples relationships. Clearly Miss hasbeen Moore whore is so deeply sad within her self that she has to focus on EVERYONE ELSES MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP. Go Porsha! I do not condone violence but Porsha has held out long enough on givin kenya what she needs. She is better off faking a relatoinship with Walter again, yall saw kenya pull up in that Malibu to NeeNees house? lol Kenya grow the fuck up ! You are too old and you look to old to be acting like a child. All that money into that body and look where it gets you? single, hateful, and still ugly. Props to the real women inside and out! gooooo Porsha! TIP TO KENYA..... tribal medicine man cannot get you pregnant honey bunches of fakeness..... only a REAL man can, and we all know you cant get a real!


I do think Porsha is a little immature but Kenya presses her buttons and she knows exactly what she is doing. Kenya is pathetic! Causes drama just to get attention.I had never ever heard of her before she came to the show..She is just a has been ..Needs to be replaced..


Porsha needs to be fired. The housewives never actually fight and stoop to the level of animals without training. Everyone on this show talks about each other. If Porsha can't take it, she needs to leave the show. She doesn't have a story line. She is boring and does nothing for the show. She is nice and pretty but that's all. She adds nothing to the show besides this fight. She don't have a man either. She talked about her own husband and sex toys. Why do she think nobody else will. I love Kenya. She is fun for the show that would have otherwise been boring. Before she came, I was going to stop watching the show due to boredom. I like Porsha too, but she is boring for the show. Kenya can't help it Phaedra husband don't want her which is obvious. Marlo needs to be back on if we are condoning violence and letting them be housewives. I like all the housewives and love Marlo, as weel.


i.m surprise porsha cry baby ass even know how to fight, kenya your from the D what's up with that ? with all '' the mouth you have letting porsha wimp you GIRL please.if i was on that show respect would be first .your not saying all that shit to me like that you have to demand respect now days.ladies get it together . before the show get cancel.


Kenya girl u gotta stop writing checks yo ass vaunt cash smfh. U let porshia whip on u


Kenya need to go. This show is horrible this year.Nene should have been check for calling Peter a BITCH. A polo don't love his wife.He has a thing for Kenya. No one has respect for each other. Done watching this mess.Maybe it's time for new cast members!!!!!!!

Emi cornesete

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Kenya is not a housewife or anyone's girlfriend on this show. Why is she even on here? Every since she kept asking Pharsea(misspelled) about a threesome, I was too through with her then. Fired her, kill her off the show whatever. Twirl you a** right of the show.


Kenya is full if confusion she needs to go..She have bitten off more than she can chew. .


Kenya is the reason why I limit how much I watch the show. That is my favorite show. I would stop watching it if they don't fire Kenya. nobody fucking likes her. Basically if they id keep her might as well forget it Kenya gonna be the reason why the show ends. Take that bitch Kenya off the damn show. Please and Thank you:):):):):):):):):):):):)

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