Kendall Jenner Underwear Photo Plugs Calvin Klein, Shuts Down Instagram

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Not one to be upstaged by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's battle of revealing photos, Kendall Jenner has taken Instagram by storm with a new one of her own.

This shot of her lounging in a bra and underwear from Calvin Klein had tongues wagging - and eyebrows raising - across the Internet Friday afternoon ...

Kendall Jenner Underwear Photo

"morning! just going to hang out in #MyCalvins alllll day! ... thank you @calvinklein for my little gifts," Kendall Jenner commented regarding the picture.

Thank you, Calvin Klein, indeed, for this latest guerilla marketing effort.

The clothing brand recently launched a social media movement that encourages peeps to post semi-nude selfies like this one in CK underwear.

Fan-submitted selfies are then added to the official #mycalvins online gallery; it appears CK sent Kendall some free gear so she would participate.

Well played, as it gave the 18-year-old a chance to upstage her youngster sister - and older half-sisters - while single-handedly keeping Instagram in business.

Check out more racy Kendall and Kylie Jenner pics below:


Another Kardashian SLUT in training


She looks so pretty and clean


Kendall is a profressional model. Not just a reality star model but an actual runway model. It's no surprise that she embraces her body. They both have been around adults their whole life. It comes to no surprise that they are growing up quickly. As long as they do not do anything to harm themselves, I do not see that risk of showing some skin. The human body is beautiful. It is art - no matter what shape or size.


She is looking hot in Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein is the best brand in the world, that's why it has millions of fans and customers. I love Calvin Klein perfumes very much and I know one place from where people can easily buy Calvin Klein products and other branded perfumes on discount and affordable price. Visit now and compare the price


And I have seen pictures of females without clothes.

Sherry hardimon

I. Like Kendall I hope she has some kind of morals when it come to her doing things for money. There families likes a lots of attention.They try to always stay on top no matter which one of them has to do it including their mother.


At least she doesn't have a giant FAT ass.

@ Lilly

Whats wrong with big asses common that commment is out of order

Sherry hardimon

Some people will do anything. Why would a young girl show her underwear on the internect I think its a little tackie where is her mother? I wonder does her family approve of her show ing her underwear on the internect? ? I believe the kardashian will do anything for money and fame.


They all have to show their Ass all the time!!


Anddd that mermaid picture is not her geez


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