Justin Bieber to Be Deposed Again, Forced to Answer Selena Gomez Questions?!

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The lawyer who deposed Justin Bieber last week wants to force him back for another session, according to reports, and answer questions about Selena Gomez.

He also wants Bieber fined for acting like the world's most spoiled brat.

As you're well aware by now, the 20-year-old pop star peaced out of a deposition stemming from a lawsuit filed against him for beating up a photographer.

When the parapazzi member's attorney tried to ask if he's dating Selena, Bieber cut him off, saying, "Don't ask me about her! Do not ask me about her!"

He then stormed out of the deposition in self-righteous disgust.

Some accused the lawyer of badgering Justin and simply trying to stress him out or rile him up, but the attorney insists the Gomez questions are relevant.

So much so that he still wants answers to them ASAP.

In new court documents, he reiterates that he is entitled to ask Bieber about Selena, as she was present during another alleged attack on a photographer.

What transpired in that 2012 case is pertinent information, he says, because it shows Bieber has a pattern of aggression, especially toward cameramen.

There's likely also another angle in play, as TMZ wryly notes:

By establishing that Bieber and Selena are tight, her theoretically trying to discredit the photographer's case at a later deposition could lose merit.

If Selena and Justin are back together (which it would appear they are), she could be considered a biased witness and less than credible in his defense.

The lawyer wants a judge to force Bieber to answer his Selena questions, as well as to punish him for acting like a jackass during the whole deposition.

The gallery of 21 Bieber GIFs above says it all on that front.

It's unclear if a judge will require Bieber to sit for another deposition. As for Gomez, it's equally unclear if there are any plans to depose her in the case.

What's quite clear, however? These two hitting it again:


I DID see more than the TMZ clips. Whether it's just clips or not though, you can't edit that kind of behavior. JB DID act like he was sleeping, respond in a cocky manner & DID curse the court reporter. Whether you see that in a 2-3 minute clip or a complete 4 hour deposition (or however long it was) doesn't change the fact JB was being rude & disrespectful. You get respect when you give respect but, personally, I didn't find the lawyer disrespectful at all. He was asking the questions he wanted/needed to & he was continually getting smart ass remarks. I'm human too but I don't treat people with disrespect like JB did. Even a YOUNG adult, which he is, should have more respect than he showed.


Love you Justin always no matter what you do I wish I can meet you in person.♡♥♡♥♡


Ilovethem both and what ever they choose todo. Is there choice love you Justin wish I was your girlfriend♡♥♡♡·




Justin is acting no different than that jerk Lindsay Lohan, and she gets a pass from justice.


justin bieber needs to be put in jail for cheating on seleba foreal becuz he shouldnt have did that to selena and she srii wqbts him wat kinda love iz that


Doesn't matter to me what either one of them does, or anybody for that matter. What anybody does privately is their business, to the degree it doesn't break any major laws. If you or anybody else had PROOF she was sleeping around or in a bi (or even lez) relationship it would be ALL over the media. Who either one of them chooses to be with is THEIR business, unless they're cheating on each other. I don't get the connection between HER contract & HIS career either. As for her wanting fame, she was on TV YEARS before anybody ever heard of Bieber. No not in any MAJOR roles but she had acting & music experience WAY before she ever met him. Getting drunk before she was 21? Got proof? Even if you have proof, how many of us drank before age 21? I have no idea what the actual percentage is but I guarantee you its NOT uncommon & doesn't make Selena a bad person. She was a known celebrity name well before they ever met & has been recognized for her talents AND for her philanthropy (charitable work) as well. Selena has been a spokesperson for MANY organizations & has even been a worldwide representative. All I found for Bieber was a commercial for the SPCA & that he does work for a foundation that his managers brother runs. You should probably check your information before making certain claims. Oh & I've seen all the video clips in the blog you posted. In NONE of them was Selena rude. You could hear her talking/laughing in some & the one clip where you claim he went back to take a picture with a girl, they BOTH kept walking & somebody followed them along with the girl & basically kept pushing the girl forward & pestering them until he finally stopped for the picture. Even celebrities are entitled to some privacy & space. Still she NEVER said anything rude to anybody. Justin was the one who spoke up in the one clip & pushed the camera away.


Justin is a spoiled spoiled rich brat. Selena has her hands full. They make a cute couple. I like them both. I wish them the best. There are so many broken relationship in Hollywood. What a shame.


Run this Ass out of the country!


Just answer yes and no Bieber, less chance you will say something stupid, showing your lack of education. Obviously money can't buy everything--like intelligence.

@ Spare Me

He can't do that, he has no restraint. His attorney should have called a stop early on, taken him aside & talked to him & told JB to straighten up. I think his behavior during the deposition will weigh VERY heavily against him in court.

@ Spare Me

Or class

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