Justin Bieber Deposition Videos: What an Arrogant A-Hole!

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WARNING to all Beliebers: Do not watch the following videos if you wish to maintain a positive view of Justin Bieber.

Because, seriously... wow.

TMZ has obtained footage from Bieber's deposition in Miami last week in which the singer sat for over four hours in response to a lawsuit filed against him by a photographer who claims Bieber orchestrated an attack against him.

In these four snippets, we see Justin at his most arrogant, talking down to opposing counsel; mocking various questions; growing irate over anything related to Selena Gomez; and generally acting like an total and complete jerk throughout the process.

Watch now and take note of Bieber accidentally saying he's been "detrimental" to his own career. These days, sadly, that's so very true...

What do you think, readers?

This is Justin Bieber as we've never seen him before and hope to never see him again.

Each deposition video could easily be included in the reasons why we sort of want to punch Bieber in the face. Metaphorically, of course... but HARD.


People are judging him in a very bad way but they do not realise he is a very nice guy and his music is amazing, yes he did do some mistakes but no one is perfect! And in this video he really didnt want to involve Selena Gomez in the conversation.Dont judge him so roughly just because he takes photos of himself shirtless.

@ claudia

"Very nice guy"s don't swear at court reporters. He is a little punk, and that is the kindest thing that can be said about him. His parents are terrible role models, each in a different way, and he is overindulged in the extreme. Just watch - He'll be the next defendant to play the "affluenza" card.


US just reporting what the rest of the world seeing. I suppose any 20 year old making the millions he's making is bound to makes mistakes. He just seems to be thumbing his nose atbthevrest if us, which is not making anyone fond of him.


The little White boy is what he is, and folks wanna become apologists saying he's just lost and spoiled and "oh whatever it's all editing to make him look bad" or "don't care still love him". Meanwhile, any and everyone else is just a thug, right? No listen. This little piece of crap drank the same water the rest of these entitled jerks gulped to think their crap don't reek. There's no amount of editing to tell us what we already know. So let us not blame this on TMZ. Now, if the good lot of you wanna play boo boo the ignorant fool and "ohhhh he's finding himself", that's awesome. Delusions are amazing. The rest of us see it as it is. Send him back to Canada already.


Who gives 2 shits. I'm still gon play his songs out loud


Dear Hollowoodgossip,
I getting really sick of you.
Don't you have anything better to do than giving him a bad name.
I am unsubsribing from you mailinglist.
Check yourself before you ruin someone else his life.
Btw, I'm not only talking about JB, there are many more things you've said, you should keep your opinion to yourself.
YOU are nothing but selfish punks!!!!

@ Me!

it's really sad to see him going down this road. and reading comment after comment of people just making one excuse after another for him......so so so sad.

@ Me!

The only one giving Justin Bieber a bad name is Justin Bieber. The kid needs some help and the only way he'll get it is if he smartens up and realizes what he is doing to himself/

@ Carole H

oh how right you are!


don't accuse him.
He's just an uncertain boy who doesn't know how to act because 'Yes Men' sourround him 24hrs a day.


Anyone who has followed Bieber in the last couple of years should know by know he is nothing but an arrogant little punk. Not sure why anyone would be surprised by this. He has obviously surrounded himself with all the wrong people, his parents haven't helped, he's losing the voice he had as a young boy, and he acts like he's entitled.


So we are judging Justin based on short snippets of less than 10 minutes edited by TMZ to make him look his worse? I have seen depositions and they can be unpleasant. One lawyer even threw coffee at the other. this kid has put up with so much crap from the media and now ambulance chasing lawyers that it's surprising he was relatively cool. Even if he behaved perfectly, his haters would have hated on him anyway.

@ ivan

This is just a snippet of all the garbage Beiber has brought upon himself. He is a brat. It is silly to say he would have been hated on, if he behaved. There are a lot of people that would have sat up and taken notice, if he acted like he should have and not a nasty kid.
Did you ever see Usher testify in court? Don't even compare the ages, because Usher has not ever been known to behave the way Beiber does, in a serious situation. He handles himself with decency, and doesn't act entitled. I wish he would drop Beiber flatter than a pancake, instead of saying things like we all do things when we are young. He is right, but we don't all feel like we are above everyone else and entitled, like Beiber. The people that cowtow to him are no better than he is.


he has made some mistakes, i'll admit that but seriously, he needs to own up to it. he has thousands of people, girls and possibly boys, looking up to him as a role model. he came from nothing and made a name for himself, anyone else who is coming from nothing are going to say "He did it, i can do it too."
i'm not a fan of him anymore because when he started pulling all of these stunts i didn't like him anymore. he needs to take a year off, at least, and stay WAY below the radar and work on his music to make something great, not just just something good, something great. he may not want to go to rehab, but really he needs something. everybody has a bit of the blame in this.
why is his team, parents, and Scooter letting him get away with all of this? it may be his choice to do it or want to do it, but his team let it happen as well.


Wow that's not a fair comparison for one Justin is 20 and Matthew is like in his 40's. This isn't even the whole thing so you don't know for sure if he was like that throughout the whole things. Seriously people everybody makes mistakes I think everyone just needs to get over it. I'm a huge JB fan and I don't like seeing people hate on him all the time. How would you like to see your favorite artists being hated on all the time? It's just annoying at this point.

@ Kayla

I think you've missed the point here. Regardless of age, Matthew has a well developed chest and looks good shirtless. Justin could stand to do some body building exercises to make himself more attractive if he insists on posting bare chested selfies. He looks like somebody's little kid brother. However, when he has his lackeys carry him up The Great Wall of China, he's never going to improve himself physically.


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