Justin Bieber Deposition Videos: What an Arrogant A-Hole!

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WARNING to all Beliebers: Do not watch the following videos if you wish to maintain a positive view of Justin Bieber.

Because, seriously... wow.

TMZ has obtained footage from Bieber's deposition in Miami last week in which the singer sat for over four hours in response to a lawsuit filed against him by a photographer who claims Bieber orchestrated an attack against him.

In these four snippets, we see Justin at his most arrogant, talking down to opposing counsel; mocking various questions; growing irate over anything related to Selena Gomez; and generally acting like an total and complete jerk throughout the process.

Watch now and take note of Bieber accidentally saying he's been "detrimental" to his own career. These days, sadly, that's so very true...

What do you think, readers?

This is Justin Bieber as we've never seen him before and hope to never see him again.

Each deposition video could easily be included in the reasons why we sort of want to punch Bieber in the face. Metaphorically, of course... but HARD.


Leave Justin alone with the negative comments. Get a life!,!!Justin is not at all bad. And a very nice young man. The media is doing this to discredit this young person. But give him space. I am amazed how he lives. He will be okay!


Selena,Selena,Selena what have you done to yourself? You really need to go back to rehab ASAP! Justin is definitely not the same boyfriend you fell in love with a few years back! He's going to hurt you and dump you again! You're making a big mess with your life. If you think you and Justin are getting back to the way you were you're sadly mistaken. There's going to be a lot of "I told you sos" after he starts up with his antics again.


Wow, moms and dads, be glad you didn't raise your children to be like this.


Canada does NOT want him back...he and Rob Ford give Canada a smelly reputation for out-sourcing overweight political schmucks and over-drugged music wannabes. In reality, they are both nothing but totally dysfunctional egotists. Please keep him in the U.S. (preferably in a jail cell where real hard-core gangstas will have him singing "Baby, Baby, Baby Ouch" in high C).


There are people who behave far worse than Bieber does. I think that Bieber needs some time and space from the media and whoever keeps giving him problems and just go home and be with his family and close friends. Of course this is how the world is when it comes to being a celebrity. Bieber cannot deal with it.

@ Ernest

Time & space won't do a thing. If anything he'd likely crave the spotlight & do something else stupid just to get the spotlight back on him. His biggest problem is HIMSELF. He's been told by multiple people he needs help & to grow up. If his family has had ZERO positive influence on him by now it's going to take a LOT more than that. If he has any chance, and I'm leaning toward him being beyond help, then it'll take something MAJOR to shake him up & even REMOTELY straighten him up.


LMFAO!! HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE TMZ seriously I'm sorry but they should get a life Justin WINKED at the end of the viedo why do you thing he should answer those questions seriously when all they do it Hate on him?STOP STALKING WHAT HE DOES IF YOUR ALL HATERS LMAO BYE

@ Me

He winked because he's cocky & arrogant & thinks he can do no wrong NOT because this was an 'acting' role or anything like that. You don't pee in the kitchen of a restaurant, drag race through neighborhoods, egg peoples houses, flip off or cuss out media or a court reporter (who was just doing her job) or any of the other childish crap this kid has done. And don't tell me he's just being a kid or that the media is at fault. Bieber may not be mature but he IS legally an adult & even most YOUNG adults have manners & respect for others.




Remember what this deposition is about - it's about some jerk of a papp who was probably in his face with a camera the whole time. If I were Bieber, I'd want to punch those papps in the face. Metaphorically, of course... but HARD!


This kid is DONE.


Justin Beiber needs someone to teach him some manners. He went into this with a smart alec attitude, and he continued in that vein. He could have answered every question without his smirking nastiness, and would have been done and over really fast. He chooses to think he is do above it all. For him to act like Usher was not insturmental in his career, and play games, and then actually admit Usher had something to do with his carreer was more of the same. He even tried to bully the person taking the deposition, who has way more brains than he ever has shown. Talent, or no talent, he is not a nice person. He is a huge jerk.


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