Justin Bieber Deposition Lawyer: Selena Gomez Questions + History of Violence = RELEVANT!

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Selena Gomez-related questions during the recent Justin Bieber deposition that got him so riled up were 100 percent in bounds, according to the guy who posed them.

Attorney Mark DiCowden grilled Justin Friday in Miami as part of the lawsuit filed against the embattled pop star for allegedly attacking a photographer.

Videos and GIFs galore hit the web, showing him acting like the biggest jerk on the planet. See gallery above. There's no defending his douchebag antics.

However, the attorney came under fire for prodding him about Selena Gomez, Bieber's on-off-on-again girlfriend, which the singer REALLY did not care for.

Accused of badgering Bieber and trying to get a rise out of him merely to make him look bad in the case, DiCowden defends his line of questioning as such:

The 20-year-old's predisposition for violence, especially directed at members of the paparazzi, is well known to the people closest to him, including Gomez.

She even witnessed Justin attacking a photographer in May 2012, the lawyer claims, and in bringing up his lady love, he's trying to establish a pattern of behavior.

Justin went nuclear, ripped off his mic, blew up at a court reporter and peaced out of the deposition, raging at the direction the questions were headed in.

DiCowden isn't backing off, though. He's going after Justin's lawyers as well, asking the judge to revoke their right to rep him because they are obstructionists.

Do you agree with his point? Or does Justin have a right to object?


emanon I agree with you after the deposition he got in low life ass to Texas must want to get on selenas good side but I don't think she will perjure herself for him EVIAUM the cops found the paps camera in justins car and when my brother got a dui his first and last he spent 20 days in jail and lost his drivers licence for a year and after paying lawyers and fines it cost him over 8,000.00 dollars why do you think he should get a break what he should get is his useless ass sent back to Canada........


im with justin beiber because i have always loved him i think he will win and the paparazzi will lose beacause justin beiber is just a person and they act like he is the only one that gets dui's they are taking this too serious if it were them they would want a lighter punishment so when this is over and justin beiber wins this case i will not be suprised cause its not like he murdered someone

@ eviaun

Just because you love someone's musical or acting ability (or for whatever reason you love them) doesn't mean you agree with the things they do. I've heard of a LOT of criminals (even serial killers) family who say they love them but NOT what they have done. Just out of curiosity, why do you think Beiber will win the lawsuit? Because you love him or because you think he didn't do anything wrong? When you have 3 people in your family killed by a drunk driver, like I have, let me know what you think. And I say that, sadly & unfortunately, as someone who has had a DUI over 10 years ago. Even then, before the laws were toughened (again) I was sentenced to 10 days (suspended) & had to pay about $4,000 in fines, court fees & driving/alcohol awareness classes. I live in a relatively small town too so I have no doubt it costs 8-10 thousand for a DUI nowadays. Lost my license for a year as well. Being young, immature or a celeb is NO excuse for his or ANYONE's behavior!


It's ABSOLUTELY relevant to question someone about their behavior around or interaction with another person just as it's relevant if they were to depose Selena. It hadn't occurred to me at first but now I wonder if the rekindling (if it's true) is Bieber's attempt to win her over so she won't say anything negative about him regarding the lawsuit. I saw the clips & he was a complete, immature moron. There was no need to doctor the video or selectively release clips that just made him look bad. He did that ALL on his own. You don't wink at the camera, cuss the court reporter, act bored or sleepy & ESPECIALLY go ballistic just for being asked if you know someone. I didn't see ANY question where the attorney asked him ANYTHING about his private or intimate life with her. Even so, if it shows a tendency for angry or violent behavior then a lawyer has the right & obligation to ask such questions.

@ Emanon

I wouldn't put it past him. He just uses people like no tommorrow. Very odd timing...the guy has got some serious issues re: potential personality disorder(s). Selena needs to get away from this guy, and listen to Taylor.
The way he acts, he just doesn't give a fuck about other peoples' rights, and does whatever he wants to get his way.
Very sad story, and perhaps we are partly to blame in building him up, and creating this monster of an idiot.

@ Spoton

No doubt the fans & how crazed & adamant they are is a factor. The REALLY sad thing though is his parents, manager or SOMEBODY didn't keep this kid in check. Sure, there have been a lot of young celebs who have been in trouble & done some stupid stuff but there are also a lot who DON'T have such a bad rap/rap sheet, etc. I'm not at ALL a fan of country music & I live quite close to the "birthplace" of country music. I don't consider Taylor Swift 'country', maybe pop-country but I do like her & her music. The only thing you can really pin on Taylor is a lot of bad relationships but then my guess is a lot of it is the guys being total asses. Yep, I agree, listen to Taylor!


GAG...he thinks he's cute & smart. He's nothing but a spoiled,conceited little brat.


If it's a star versus a papp, I'm with the star every time. Those papps are the worst kind of parasite who deserve to get hit hard if they get in someone's way.


This guy is on a fishing expedition to obtained or better extort millions from him for himself and his client. The fact is that case in L.A. in which Selena was present was thrown out due to lack of any picture, video, injuries, and inconsistant eyewitness testimony that proves that Justin hit the guy.


This kid is just a filthy rich little snot....
I would never spend a red cent on any of his music.
Send him back to Canada and let the Canadians buy his music. He is repulsive as hell and is losing his looks...His parents should be horse whipped for raising this garbage...


This is the usual Jutin Bieber smear article from this site based on a few bits of video with the emphasis on the worse of the deposition. The fact is the lawyer was bullying this kid into reactions to make him look bad so him or his team could give or sell to TMZ clippings of his reactions [they posted them first and fast] to ruin any chance of a fair trial for him. His appearing on TV shows is for the same purpose, to win public support for his client. I worked for lawyers; I know how they operate.

@ ivan

OK I get the concept of using the media or whoever for your own benefit. My question is, how in the hell do you win support by acting the way he did? The plaintiffs lawyer NEVER cursed or said anything sarcastic to Beiber. I can't vouch for whether TMZ posted anything first (over any other media source) but depositions are public record. ANYBODY who was there at the time could/can obtain the testimony. My guess is TMZ was first because the local media didn't think it was worth wasting their air time or print space. TMZ is a TOTAL celeb/media network. So it makes sense they'd publish it first.


What a screw ball!!!


well, at least he treats them as respectfully as they treat him..

@ kaitlyn

You get respect by earning respect

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