Juan Pablo Galavis: The Worst Bachelor Ever?!

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Is Juan Pablo Galavis the worst star of The Bachelor in 18 seasons?

While The Bachelorette or The Bachelor finale typically prompts a lot of excitement regarding who the star ends up with, last night's debacle was, well ...

A debacle. There's really no better word for what transpired.

The finale pitting Clare Crawley against Nikki Ferrell saw the former absolutely disgusted with him and the latter receiving the most apathetic final rose ever.

The Bachelor Loser

The "Worst Bachelor Ever" buzz began on Twitter early and often last night, and not just because he didn't propose. It's the general way he conducted himself.

Says an insider close to the ABC reality show's production:

"Everyone is definitely ready for Juan Pablo's season to be over. Producers felt like they were putting out fires left and right with him, starting with the gay comments."

"He used the 'second language' excuse a lot, no one is really buying it. Two girls chose to leave in the top six. When has that ever happened before?"

"That should be indicative of what we were working with."

Indeed. His stock began tanking early in the season, when Juan Pablo made remarks against the idea of having a gay Bachelor star on the show one day.

Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley
Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley in their final face to face moment ever. It was not pretty.

Sharleen Joynt and Andi Dorfman left of their own volition, with the latter accusing Juan Pablo of being self-absorbed and never asking her about herself (below).

He also displayed hypocritical behavior, holding off on kissing some women out of "respect" for his young daughter, Camila, then likely banging Clare in the sea.

Not only that, he "slut-shamed" the would-be finalist for putting HIM in that situation ... then on the finale, said something so sexually offensive that she wouldn't repeat it.

Clare wasn't just crushed at losing. She was devastated at the fact that she wasted her time with a guy she felt she never really knew or cared about her.

Finally, after his lame non-proposal to Nikki Ferrell, on the After the Final Rose special, he acted like a self-righteous dick to Chris Harrison. Icing on the Douche Cake.

You tell us: Is Juan Pablo the worst Bachelor ever?


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He was the worst the worst bachelor ever. Are freaking kidding me! You must be his aunt or close relative to make that comment? ? You probably dont watch this show as "he doesn't" who would ever want a man like that!!! Nikki move on dumb dum pathetic ughh


Juan Pablo was the best Bachelor ever! He was honest in his comments (he is not against gays. He just said that a Bachelor would be too weird, and everybody agrees). And it is stupid and inane for the producers to “make” people fall in love in a few weeks. In addition, the Bachelor is demeaning and insulting to women, as it imposes on them to “run” after a man and cry and throw themselves to his feet, losing their dignity and self-respect, all in exchange for exposure in the media and “15 minutes of fame”. Juan Pablo confirmed his honesty and showed ABC the lack of realism and honesty of this disgusting program, by not proposing marriage to any of the women asking to marry him. None of the women fit his requirements, and he refused to fake otherwise, just to satisfy Harrison, the lousy producer. The end of the Bachelor. This goes also for the “Bachelorette.


......a die hard F*ggot is worse, folks!!

@ Mister+Baja

What the fuck is wrong with you?