Juan Pablo Galavis: DESTROYED By The Bachelor Stars, Celebrities on Twitter

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Juan Pablo Galavis was taken to task and absolutely eviscerated Monday on Twitter following his actions and comments on the controversial Bachelor season finale.

At issue? Juan Pablo's treatment of runner-up Clare Crawley and winner (if you can call her that) Nikki Ferrell on the finale and After the Final Rose special.

It's hard to imagine the once-popular reality star falling any further from the public's good graces than he did Monday, and over the course of the season.

Three of his top six women this season now hate him. That says it all right there, although his favorability ratings are far less positive with the general public.

While diplomatic last night on the ATFR special, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici were more candid on Twitter, as were many other familiar franchise stars.

Plenty of non-Bachelor celebs got in on the action as well, because Juan Pablo was just that much of a dick to Clare ... and Nikki. And Chris Harrison.

Here's a sampling of classic tweets about the worst Bachelor ever ...

Sarah Hyland: I knew from day 1. I HATE #JuanPablo sooo much. I feel awful for every girl, including the one with the final rose.

Jason Biggs: I can't believe he whispered "let's get rapey" in Clare's ear. #TheBachelor

Sean Lowe: JP lives with his foot in his mouth. #TheBachelor

Catherine Lowe: Eeek. #thebachelor

Zach Braff: Missed the end of the Bachelor. Did they all get tested? #dirtydick

J.P. Rosenbaum: Hey #JotaPe, get yourself a shovel.... you're in deep sh*t #TheBachelor

Ali Fedotowsky: "I'm glad I didn't pick her" WHAAAAT? Ok - I can't defend him. I wanted to but that was very low. I can't now.

Jillian Harris: Ugh. I don't even know what to think about that #bachelor finale. My heart hurts a little for everyone on that season right now.

Molly Mesnick: Ugh…I feel so sad abt everything Bachelor tonight. The hate, the tears, the awkwardness. We will talk ALL about this in tomorrows podcast

Trista Sutter: And let me be clear...I am by no means confused that JP isn't in love. I am confused as 2 why being disrespectful & rude are called honest.

Jaclyn Swartz: Who would you rather: Ben Flananananana or Juan Pabs #TheBachelor

Jenny McCarthy: Oh shitballs. This can't end well. #thebachelor

Emily Maynard: Oh man this is weird. I feel uncomfortable. #TheBachelor

Yvette Nicole Brown: Didn't watch #TheBachelor season, just the finale. That #JuanPablo is a JERK! #ImGladIDidntPickHer?! I feel so sorry for the 1 he did pick.

Juan Pablo Galavis: Worst Bachelor ever?

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he was one of the most real ones. Look at Sean Lowe who is so belowed of his charm and good manners. Well charming, but not real at all. The avarage bachelor is fake. Sean is an perfect example on that. Did he ever take crap for loving two girls hours before he proposed to one of them? THAT was not real. Juan Pablo did not go with the flow - he wanted it more real. He's not diplomatic, speaks before he thinks, well's he human, and in my opinion - real.
I do not blame JP for being rude to Chris Harrison. Chris Harrison has been that to Jp for months now.
Ganging up on the JP is just sad.
IMO it was really refreshing seeing something REAL in a realityshow. Congrats to JP for NOT being af sell out.

@ Hanne

Thank you to those who are seeing through this SHAM. This is such a tacky, unprofessional article. The bullying, the ganging up, the hate, the harassment -- WAY OUT OF LINE, actually calls for legal action,which I hope will occur. JP Rosenbaum is despicable & not worthy of respect, even giving Juan Pablo a dif name. I do like Ashley. Sean is jumping on the bandwagon to seem righteous & to get more airtime. Bored much, "gentlemen"? They both bully anyone who has a dif opinion. The tide of this is going to change,
it already is. To those who continue the bullying, I would be careful with your words. People,are watching, & this defamation is getting serious, & definitely not justified!


The tide will turn. The "machine" that is the show, started to socially construct him negatively by editing things out that were positive, and including things that fit the negative image they were trying to construct of him, in order to distance themselves from him after he made a misconstrued comment about homosexuality. It's pretty obvious to anyone who chooses to question what the powerful spin doctors are up to. It's funny actually to watch all these second rate writers and web sites, and so called "celebrities" dominate the discussion and the rest of the puppets in the world eat it up as "truth". Juan Pablo has been bullied by all the things that were portrayed about him. I can only imagine how powerless that must make one feel. However, you have seriously underestimated him! He is very intelligent and will persevere. Just wait and see. All this garbage about "worst bachelor ever" is pathetic. He was very respectful and kind to all the women. He didn't drink alcohol and encouraged them not to. He refused to do the two dates thing because he saw it as hurtful to the women. He was so sensitive and kind. He was funny. Just b/c he made a comment outside the show, all of a sudden, like a pack of wild dogs, the show and media turned on him and yes, bit by bit, with each disparaging comment, or cleverly constructed image, they tried to make him seem to be a villain. Shame on ALL of you. To be so readily taken in, to be so manipulated by the powers that be on the show/station; to not think critically about what has happened, is a sad reflection of the level of intelligence in the mainstream!

@ KathyBNS

Kathy, your comments are so right on, courageous & mature. Pls write a blog, keep speaking up. You are an eloquent writer. This sick mess is going to give me a heart attack. The shameless,way people bully in this age when we should all know better. So many jumping on the bandwagon like pit bulls. People sell their souls for more fame & attention, or just rush to hate. I wish we could talk lol. I pray the truth continues to come out (the REAL truth).

@ KathyBNS



He is a sad, egotistical boy. He uses derogatory words and then blames his language. (He was born in New York). He is rude and mean and hurtful and uses "I'm just being honest" as an excuse. The women that got away are the true winners. Nikki I wish you all the best, please look at the tapes and listen to your gut not just your heart.... If you walk away hold your head high just like Clare did, I was so proud for all women for how she responded and walked away a true lady. Everyone deserves their prince, Juan Pablo has issues and needs help and prayers. You deserve much better....
A man is a whole not just the part when you are with him and the rest doe matter, how he treats others, his lack of respect when he used the "R" word, towards those born with special abilities. These are his true nature, and he truly doesn't see anything wrong with it, and herein lies the heart of Juan Pablo and I would assume his "Narcissistic Personality Disorder." Be careful, you have an amazing sweet heart, and the work you do is amaz....I wish you all the best ant I hope Juan Pablo finds enlightenment!.

@ Barbara McGinley

@ Barbara: I couldn't agree more with you. It's so refreshing to read an intelligent comment on here by someone who saw through this douchebag's lies and pretense!
"I'm honest", "I'm always honest" he says but really he doesn't give Chris one honest answer the whole show, duped, mislead and screwed over all the women who were wasting their time trying to woo this lying d-bag. He was full of BS as Andi and Clare and Chris and most other people now realize. Ugh, what a scum.

@ Barbara McGinley

Hello....Clare led WITH HER BODY from Day 1. That is,what she knows -- though I think she grew a bit thru this. Don't enable her to be a victim. She constantly was rubbing up against him, went to his room at 4 am. She uses a little girl voice to go with her beauty & manipulates. She was coached at the end to make that drama. I am concerned for further interviews she gives as a victim BC there are some who are disputing her & she will get sued. She's pretty enough to have a relationship if she grows. And as for giving diagnosis, do you have a degree to do that? I do. And you are wrong. This is a discriminatory, bullying, SHAM to gang up & misconstrue many things. JP is not perfect. Neither is anyone else! He has,shown a maturity that only those who are mature will understand. He's not a cookie cutter bachelor, a phony or a sell out. He knows who he is. That is TRUTH. Haters get yourself a LIFE.

@ Enough!

@ Enough: she's not being a victim. She was victimized by this douchebag's leading her on, lying and pretending and then after screwing her (on her end she had feelings for him so she probably thought they were in love) and treating her in the most offensive and disrespectful way. This was ultimately what he did with all the women on the show. Andi was on to him and called him on it and left. I think the producers figured him out too late.


El Bachelor 15 minutes of fame are long over now. Hope this creep fades away, alone. I cannot think of even one nice thing to say about him, so I'll just say I hope he did not ruin the Bachelor/ette franchise. He was far and away the worst lead.ever.

@ who cares


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