John Travolta BUTCHERS Name of Idina Menzel: Watch, Cringe Now!

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Take solace, Jennifer Lawrence.

You may have fallen at the Academy Awards for the second consecutive year, but you did not make biggest blunder at last night's ceremony.

Far from it in, fact.

John Travolta took to the stage at one point during the event and introduced Broadway star Idina Menzel to sing the Oscar-nominated track "Let It Go" from Frozen.

Except somehow, some way, Travolta pronounced the artist's name as "Adele Dazim." Watch the epic gaffe now:

Fortunately, Travolta's mistake did not affect Menzel's performance in any way.

She brought the house down with what went on to win Best Original Song:


I know you think it's funny and everything but John has dyslexia. There are definitely other noteworthy aspects of an event such as this - we don't need to be embarrassing someone with a learning disorder who has surely been embarrassed enough about this. Other things - and even other things about John himself - are fair game, but this?
Not this. Come on, guys.


........he is more than scary these day's.

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