Jenelle Evans, Nathan Griffith in EPIC Screaming Match: See the Video!

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Pregnant Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and the father of her unborn child, Nathan Griffith, were recently recorded having an argument of epic proportions.

In an intense screaming match with f-bombs flying left and right, the parents-to-be yell at each other and exchange insults for nearly two minutes.

Why, you ask, did things boil over this badly?

The pair was furious with each other after Jenelle Evans apparently caught Nathan Griffith talking to his ex-girlfriend behind her back (here we go again).

“I don’t want to be with you,” Griffith yells, repeatedly telling her to “get the f--k out” of their house, claiming she is a “f--king b--ch” to her son and more.

He also concedes he’s in trouble with the “f--king law” and "catches hate" on Twitter because of her, an accusation the reality star doesn't take kindly to.

The grainy video was shot on her phone in the last week of January when she was four months pregnant ... and they're still together. So they made up?

Still, you gotta wonder about the health of this relationship. Transcript below ...

Nathan Griffith: Dude! I have to be in trouble for five years just because you are Jenelle Evans. I get in trouble with the f--king law.

Jenelle Evans: Oh I’m sorry, you break the law and it’s your fault.

Nathan: Dude check it out. I haven’t been in trouble for 5 years. I catch hate on f--king Twitter and f--king Facebook because you’re Jenelle Evans I have to put up with that shit. GET THE F--K OUT!

Jenelle: Whatever see I can’t even talk.

Nathan: I don’t want you to. I don’t want to be with you.

Jenelle: Then leave me alone.

Nathan: GET THE F--K OUT.

Jenelle: Leave me alone.

Nathan: GET THE F--K OUT!

Jenelle: Get the f--k out of my face.

Nathan: I don’t have to because this is my house, not yours. It’s my f--king house!

Jenelle: Yeah, whatever, even though that’s my bed, that’s all my s--t in the kitchen.


Jenelle: The only thing you have is two couches dude, that’s all you have.

Nathan: Leave, please. Guess what Jenelle? I’ve done it since 18 and my life hasn’t been handed to me since I been 16 b--ch.

Jenelle: Ok and?

Nathan: Like I said, you put up with so much s--t that you don’t see the s--t you do wrong. It pisses me off.

Jenelle: I didn’t do anything wrong.

Nathan: You f--king lie and you f--king be like ok , maybe I did have the story backwards and then you say, ‘You’re interrupting!’ You act like a f--king b--ch to your kid. You don’t grow the f--k up dude!

Jenelle: You got mad because I said, ‘You’re  interrupting me can you please stop?’ And you’re like ‘You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re lying’ and you flipped out! You’re yelling now for no reason.

Nathan: I’m yelling now because you’re an annoying b--ch.

Jenelle: You can yell but I can’t? You’re allowed to yell but I can’t?

Nathan: You stop.

Jenelle: You can yell but I can’t?


I really wonder why nobody, like doctor Drew.. Just dont get a stopper on them. Isnt he a therapist? I thought that he was going to help them.. get some help and advice and some directions in life. What we are watcing is child abuse. He (kid) is cought in a midle of screeming and fights. and no addult is stopping this.. The kid will have a hard time growing up. I think that they( the evans) should be takeing off the show. And get some serious help. This is not entertainment! But child abuse!

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how can she think of having another kid, she always have and will continue to be a fuck up. she deserves to be in jail she cant stay off drugs, she let men suck her dry like her own mom said. she doesnt pay attention to jace but has all the time in the world to chase men. she is the most disrespectful girl ever shown on teen mom, she is unappreciative towards her mom. what a waste of flesh, feel sorry for her kids.


Wow Janelle was calm for once. I guess she has changed. As for Nathan your an idiot. You wanted to get this girl pregnant 2 months after meeting her. You can't get mad at her because she's Janelle Evans as you say. Your the one sounding immature.

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