Fisher-Price Photoshops White Head on Black Baby: The Most Racist, Ridiculous Thing Ever?

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A promotional photo for the Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair shows what appears to be an African-American baby with a white head.

We wish we were making this up, but ... there's just no way the cute little head and body pictured below belong to the same human being, is there?

Fisher-Price Baby Photo
Fisher-Prince High Chair

Assuming this image is doctored in the way we think it is, it's easily the most obvious photoshop fail of all time, which is not a small feat (see gallery below).

Was Fisher-Price trying to target white customers but just liked the way this African-American child was posing and thought no one would notice?

Were they attempting to market the product specifically to mixed-race children but unable find a good baby model and decided to split the difference?

Does the company simply suck at marketing, computers, and life?

So many questions. And likely no answer that makes any sense.

In any case, this awesome-looking Fisher-Price high chair features ...

  • A chair pad and straps that are easy to both remove and clean
  • Lights and brightly colored activities that reinforce visual skills
  • A removable toy that can be played with in or out of the chair
  • A potentially severe identity crisis for your impressionable kid

All for just $129.99 (or $106.37 with free shipping and a video streaming service you totally won't use if you have Amazon Prime) ... what a bargain.


Who cares? It is a baby who is innocent and perfect as it is. If some people want to make a big deal from this unnecessary mess, then just let them.


well said sancho! why is everyones panties in a twist, shit thats all you
see everyday racical couples these days. ain't no blood 100% anymore, stop the drama already. all of sudden people have feeling.
so what who cares, the world has gone to shit, no morals and no respect for one another....


yet again controversy spills the publicity


This image should be displayed world wide to show young women what horrendous results come after banging an ape

@ Sancho

Your mom should be shot for even teaching you things like that


Someone is losing his/her job over this. There's always a scrape goat. Not sure what statement this makes except to get people riled.


The only thing racist about this is Free Britney playing her race card. HEY BRIT! Everything is not racist!!

@ joenamherst

If somebody put a White head over a Black baby's head, it sounds like the intent was to take that body and either turn THAT skin white, or mess with the color of the head to "make" the baby Black. It's been done before, and that's pretty messed up and sounds pretty racist to me. That's saying there wasn't a Black baby cute enough or acceptable enough, so they had to slap one together using some poor unknown kids' bodies. Who's playing what now?


Lol that's funny! Great high chair though my son has it and we love it


no, just can't be funnier.


Alright this is just silly I can't imagin why a childs company would do such a thing so I don't think they did because honestly that could easily just be lighting and shadows cus the the skin on the babys legs doesnt even look like a "black babys" skin it just looks a bit dark which like I said could easily be lighting cus fisher price has no reason to do something like that

@ fjjjggvb

That's some awfully specific melanin-filled lightning, bub.

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