Clare Crawley: Juan Pablo Said WHAT to Her on The Bachelor Finale?!

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Nikki Ferrell won the final rose on The Bachelor finale Monday. Clare Crawley was arguably the real winner, though, by virtue of not being with Juan Pablo Galavis.

Clare was so distraught over something Juan Pablo said that she was in tears, and still unwilling to even face him on the After the Final Rose special ... months later.

She wouldn't even repeat it on the show, but hinted at the nature of his offensive comment. Now we now know exactly what he said to her, and it's pretty insane:

Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley
Juan Pablo and Clare Crawley in their final face to face moment ever. It was not pretty.

Where did it all go wrong for Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo Galavis, a man she gushed over repeatedly all season and was likely more into than anyone else?

On their final one-on-one date, they enjoyed a helicopter ride above St. Lucia, at which point cameras showed Juan Pablo whispering something in her ear.

"I'm shocked," Clare said after hearing this comment.

"He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. That he doesn't know me and some sexual thing I don't want to repeat. It was insulting and offensive."

An insider says that thing was, and we quote:

"I love f--king you but I don't know you.'"

Yeah. He's the worst Bachelor ever.

While we'd long been hearing the rumors that he was not in this for love, and wouldn't propose on the show, The Bachelor spoilers did not prepare us for that.

Clearly, this stunned Clare most if all.

"I would never want my children having a father like you," Crawley fumed after his final rose ceremony rejection. Juan then muttered "glad I didn't pick her."

So is she, in retrospect. Bullet? Dodged.

"She's totally over him," the source close to the 32-year-old Sacramento hairstylist said. "She is done with him and relieved that they are not together."

Have loads of fun, Nikki Ferrell. He's all yours for the next couple of weeks until he tells you he likes you a lot, but eees just not gonna work out. Okay?

Worst Bachelor ever?


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It is all fake!


It is all fake


You know never liked this show but did see it, I'm sorry, but Claire put herself in this position LITERALLY she is to blame too SHE did decide to open her legs right JP hit it right she seemed to be a good fuck from JP point of view, but SHE is the one who said oh let open my legs to a guy i just now for 2 weeks or whatever it is! OMFG!!!!


Clare will be an absolute nightmare for whoever she marries and has virtually zero chance of not ending up divorced. They named a street after her: One Way. It took two to tango between the sheets and she had no more business spreading them for JuanP than he had thinking that was a smart move in the first place. In fact, it makes me think that THAT'S the real reason Andi bailed after the fantasy suite - he made the move, she said no, and she was too classy to throw him under the bus and then run him over with it.

@ Sharkz

Andi left because he was a narcissistic douche who she discovered lead her on, had no feelings for her and wasn't even on the show for the right reasons. Why are you making all that up? She said it very clearly. Clare started to realize he was just a selfish jerk who used and disrespected the women on the show but she unfortunately, unlike Andi, let herself get sucked back in. Andi was much slower to fall in love whereas Clare jumped in and was clearly in love with JP. So, because of that, Andi was able to pull out emotionally more easily and leave. I'm sure Clare regrets letting JP sweet talk her back in after she confronted him.


I dont get what the big deal is. He is a good looking, former professional athlete and acted on par with what you would expect out of one. If he hadn't gotten a wonderful assortment of women who were all kinds of crazy, you might have an argument about him being horrible. Anyway, why does everybody ignore the fact that the biggest sleaze ball is the host who kept trying to get him to say something he didn't want to.

@ Totally not Gay. I swear

Did you watch this show? I suspect you didn't and are commenting about something you don't know anything about. If you had watched, you would see that Chris was not a "sleazeball", but was merely trying to get honest answers about what JP was feeling and how his experience ended up, something the ever dishonest "sleazeball" JP was unable to do. The big deal is of course that he was shallow, narcissistic jerk who duped, lead the women on the show on, then was disrespectful and dismissive towards them. In short, he's hated because he was a sleazy douchebag who wasn't able to have feelings or open up his heart or treat any of the women respectfully and lovingly. That's what the "big deal" is. And no, there weren't any women who actually were crazy on this season. He had a selection of pretty great women. They just began to see what a slimy jerk he was and leave of their own accord.


I wasn't aware that Juan had f----d Clare. Now I think he's worse than no-class. And did you notice how de-tached his daughter was from both the women who came to visit his family? I seriously believe that JP had no intention of getting engaged. He's just looking for publicity and making more money from all the mags on the check stands now.


Clare probably intimidated Juan Pablo about marrying and having kids with her anyway. If so, then I understand how he feels. If I am dating a woman and she soon talks about marriage and kids, I would want to run as far as I can.

@ Ernest

You obviously know nothing about this show as the whole point of the show is to go on to find a wife (for the bachelors) and a husband (for the bachelorettes). They say up front that that is what they are hoping to find and want! D'uh. Try actually watching an episode before you make yourself look like an idiot with your ridiculous comments.


He probably is the only bachelor that was really thruthful at the end. They always pretend they are in love and then after a few months or maybe a year the engagement is off. How many really went on to marriage? Isn't it better to really get to know each other and then get married? Not after two or three months say you are madly in love. Get Real!!!!

@ Jean

I agree. Juan Pablo may be the most hated bachelor but he probably was the most honest one too. I would rather choose him over a bachelor who cannot confess his true feelings any day.

@ Ernest

Ha that's ridiculous. Ernest, did you even watch the show? He pretended the whole time that he was on the show for the "right" reasons, duped everyone, misled the final three women to get them all to the fantasy suite, then was incredibly rude, disrespectful, and dismissive of them. He was not on the show to find love and he was completely dishonest with everyone about that; that's why he's the most hated bachelor.


Oh come on - from the moment he opens his mouth it's obvious he's a player and a stud. If you go for that type, you have to accept him for what he is. At least he was being honest and straightforward with what he said.

@ Tony C

I think you're looking with hindsight or are a lot more cynical than the rest of us. It took me quite a ways into the season to figure out that he wasn't what he was pretending to be. He wasn't a good guy, wasn't on the show for the right reasons, and yes, he was a player. Totally disrespectful of the women, had a closed up tight wall around his heart. Very sad. But, he was never honest. Where did you come up with that? He always pretended, lead the women on, duped pretty much everyone. He was never straightforward. His biggest lie ever: "I'm always honest" and "I'm very honest". Really, as Andi said, he's just and a**hole.


Well, Clare was only upset AFTER he didn't pick her. If the comment he made to her really upset her what was she doing at the final rose ceremony. She can't have any respect for herself at all. Hungry people make poor shoppers.!!!!

@ Abeliever

We all make mistakes, don't we? It's easy to judge someone else's but how many women know they shouldn't stay with a man but when they call him on his stuff, let themselves get sweet-talked and drawn back in. At least she's aware she made that mistake and will learn from it clearly.