Clare Crawley: Juan Pablo Galavis' Bachelor Rejection a Blessing in Disguise!

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Clare Crawley says The Bachelor season finale rejection she endured at the hands of Juan Pablo Galavis, who left her in tears, was for the best in the end.

On Good Morning America today, she said she has "zero regrets" about her TV romance, despite the fact that its ending on last week's finale was cringe-worthy.

"I went into this feeling I'm going to be 100 percent open and I'm going to be 100 percent myself and I'm going to think about what I do," said Clare Crawley.

"And, because I thought and then acted, I'm proud of that."

Even though Clare was "falling in love" with Juan Pablo, she had "that doubt in my mind" following their helicopter conversation on their final date.

Apparently, Clare implored Juan Pablo at the time to "just tell me you love me," and he replies by saying he loves f--king her but doesn't really know her.

No wonder she questioned what kind of man he is.

"Going into the final rose ceremony ... I just figured that I'm going to be there and no matter what happens, I'm going to say how I feel," she said.

As for the torrent of bad publicity that rained down on Juan Pablo in the past seven days, well, that's just the "real" Juan Pablo, according to Clare:

"As short of a time period as we get to see on TV, I think your true personality comes through in the end ... I think mine did and I think his did as well."

Fortunately, she calls Juan Pablo's rejection a "blessing in disguise," and says she's doing "amazing" post-finale, alluding to a possible new love interest:

"I'm very happy. The good thing is it's not on TV right now."

As for Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell?

They're somehow still together. Not engaged, but together, happily defying expectations (yes, we know it's been one week ... expectations were hella low).


Sour Grapes Clare! You were so sure that Juan was going to pick you and when he made a comment suggesting you might not be the chosen one, you went for the jugular! Your seduction didn't work! Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free! Hahaha!


From the very beginning, her behavior sent the wrong message. I'm not surprised at the final result.


Her behavior and actions sent the wrong message from the very beginning. I'm not surprised at the end result for her.


Funny how tabloids make it sound like she didn't want him. He was the one who dumped her. If he picked her do you really think she would have walked away. No way.!!! To actually say the things she said AFTER he let her go really shows what kind of person she is also. I think everyone should talk to a shrink before leaving this show. Chris


read my lips: a free vagina is the only thing this bachelor wants!!


Yep - she sure was "100% open" with him.

@ Tony+C

lol....for sure.

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