Chrisley Knows Best Premieres on USA, May Be The Most Obnoxious Show Ever

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Move over, Teresa Giudice. Take a seat, Kim Richards. Nice try, Ramona Singer.

There's a new obnoxious, wealthy, self-centered, terrible person taking over the reality television universe. And his name is Todd Chrisley.

We met this patriarch on the premiere of Chrisley Knows Best last night, USA's attempt to capitalize on viewers' confounding obsession with the mega rich.

Todd is a self-made millionaire who lives in a 30,000 square foot mansion.

He is very controlling in both his business life and his personal life, as evidenced by the most memorably heinous moments from the opener. 

They include:

  • Todd showing off his wardrobe and bragging about his family spending over $300,000 PER YEAR on clothing.
  • Todd proudly saying he "approves" of everything his kids wear before they leave the house.
  • Todd also proudly describing his oldest daughter as "bitchy."
  • His 15-year old daughter saying she is trying to look like Pamela Anderson.
  • His 17-year old son getting a pedicure.
  • Todd putting LoJacks on his kids' cars, checking their text messages and tracking their Internet usage.
  • He also threw a laptop into the pool at one point.
  • His seven-year old son being taken to Hooters after school because he likes the "hot girls" there.
  • Todd opening a department store and shuddering over the idea of selling more than a Size 6. “I understand that we have to have a certain amount of those sizes," he tells a buyer, adding tha he doesn't "particularly care for" them.

Was Todd playing it up for the camera? Probably.

But why are we giving these people such a platform?

Go watch Chrisley Knows Best online at TV Fanatic to catch up and sound off now: Todd Chrisley is...


Awful show. Obnoxious people. I don't find them interesting or with any redeeming qualities beyond their own self absorbed lives. I'd rather watch Law &Order SVU marathons


I love this show. The father keps up with his children. I think that is great. We need more fathers getting involved with their kids. The father has provided a great life not just a nice home. But he has great values. Love this show. Can't wait for the next 2 epoisodes.

@ Guest

You mean the "values" that let him spend like that despite having filed bankruptcy? Or the values that got him used for harassment multiple times over the years? Are those the values you think should be taught to children?


she won't do any blowjobs.


compared to great britain this was very cheap.

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