Brianne Altice, Utah H.S. Teacher, Pleads Not Guilty to Rape Charge After Sex with Student

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Brianne Altice, a Utah high school teacher accused of having sex with a teenage student, pleaded not guilty in court this week to felony rape charges.

Altice, 34, turned heads in court as she showed up in a figure-hugging top, slim-fitted pants and high heels ... to deny the alleged sexual relationship.

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She is accused of first hooking up with him in a church parking lot; the boy claimed his English teacher at Davis H.S. had sex with him at least three times.

The Kaysville, Utah, accuser was 16 at the time.

At a preliminary hearing, he alleged that he was having problems at home, having recently moved to Utah, and would cut class to hang out with his instructor.

Intimacy followed after an initial encounter in a church parking lot, he added. In November of last year, the boy reportedly admitted to the alleged affair.

The boy says that he had sexual intercourse with Altice at her home and at a park, between January and September 2013, reports The Davis Clipper.

Brianne Altice, hired by the school in 2012, was arrested after a police investigation last October. She was married but has since divorced from her husband.

The Standard-Examiner reports that her alleged victim was able to accurately describe the layout of Altice's home as well as the tattoos on her body.

It's not clear why he blew the whistle on the tryst.

At her arraignment on Thursday, Judge Thomas Kay scheduled a jury trial for May 12; Brianne pleaded not guilty to three counts of first-degree felony rape.


Lucky kid. Wish I could have hooked up with a couple of my teachers.

@ Jake

He is far from "Lucky" . He was taken advantage of and used by a form of authority and that isn't anywhere near lucky.

@ Anne Fedder

He was lucky.


She needs to be locked up. A consenting minor is not legal consent she is nearly 20 years older than him there is no excuse for her disgusting behavior. She took advantage of a boy with home problems. She knew what she was doing and needs to own up to it instead of making this poor boy even more traumatized...

@ Anne Fedder

I'm sorry ann but your views and opinions on this subject are as wrong as can be. You would not be able to find a make student in high school who wouldn't engage in sexual behavior with this teacher. He was not taken advantage of, instead he lived out a dream all high school makes have.


she is as innocent as I am!!
the united stades must change some laws. c'mon, folks!!