Beyonce Poses at Anne Frank House, Pays Tribute to Holocaust Victim

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According to Justin Bieber, Anne Frank - hopefully! - would have been a Belieber.

According to Beyonce, though, this well-known, tragic Holocaust victim is simply someone to memorialize.

The singer and her famous husband stopped by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this week and Beyonce shared two pictures from the experience on Instagram.

She didn't include a caption because, really, what is there to say about a young woman who hid from the Nazis during World War II, only to end up being killed due to her religion? 

  • Beyonce at the Anne Frank Museum
  • Beyonce Remembers Anne Frank

In one of the shots, Beyonce is staring at one of Frank's most inspirational quotes.

It reads: "I’ll make my voice heard, I’ll go out into the world and work for mankind!"

The museum's Facebook page, meanwhile, left the following message on its account Wednesday:

American singer Beyoncé and rapper & producer Jay Z visited the Anne Frank House today. They were more than an hour inside and very impressed by their visit to the hiding place of Anne Frank.

The couple was in town because Beyonce played concerts in Amsterdam on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Why the smirk at Justin Bieber who made thousands of kids and adults aware of Anne Frank's history by his visit? He WAS defended by the museum officials, the family of Anne Frank, and many prominent Rabbis. Lastly, Justin basically repeated what a person at the museum said, that she might have been a fan because she was into pop culture and also because Justin embodied her philosophy of giving unto others. It's about time the media and haters stop trashing him over this.