21 Questionable Parenting Moments: Think of the Children!

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And we thought Kristin Cavallari's anti-vaccine stance was the worst parenting decision we would ever see...

Admittedly, that's pretty bad, like super bad, but many of the 21 questionable parenting moments below are worse. WAY worse.

Dangling your kid into a pit of raccoons? Smoking with your toddler and taking pictures?

And then there's that mom in the car burned into our brains...

These 21 questionable parenting moments make even Kate Gosselin look like Mother Theresa.

Boxed In
You might wanna re-work your child's nap schedule.

And speaking of Kate Gosselin...

That Kate Gosselin Look
Doesn't it just make you a little bit ill? Yes, we thought so.

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'Alzheimer' is second best.