21 GIFs of Justin Bieber Acting Like the World's Most Spoiled Brat

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A few days ago, we came up with 13 reasons why we want to (figuratively) punch Justin Bieber.

Then the singer went out, sat down for a deposition in Miami... and gave us about 21 more!

Yes, Beliebers, we've come up with that may GIFs of Bieber acting like the world's most spoiled, arrogant, entitled, rude brat at his legal meeting on March 6, flipping out over Selena Gomez questions and even cursing off a court reporter at one point.

What happened to that charitable model? What happened to that lovable innocent teen?

Are you buying Bieber's claim that he was being harassed and just exercising his right of self-defense? Or are you simply taken by that wink?

Relive Justin Bieber's very ugly side, horrifying deposition GIF by horrifying deposition GIF, now:

The Justin Bieber Wink
How can anyone resist Justin Bieber? Just look at this smooth wink!

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i can see why YOU GUYS can think he's being a "brat" but his sarcasm cracked me up lmaooo


okay i know this is gonna break some of your feelings so im apoligizing now but the only reason why justin bieber ever started doing drugs and other shit was simply because he didnt want to be called a little kid!! or gay anymore!!!!! so he thounght that if he did drugs that he would be badass and everything but he`s not he's worse!!!!!*·* he's become a SWAG FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ not a belieber ANYMORE!!!!!(*·

you spelled Beliebers wrong


For those poeple who are saying he should get deported are complete idiots what popstar hasnt made mistakes before yeah what he did was wrong and Im pretty sure he gets it by now. He already has tmz (In my opinon is the worst/fakest "gossip" ever) complaing about ever thing he does. How would you feel being asked the same off subject questions for 4 hours and have them ask personal subjects, yeah you would be cranky, mad etc. He already has these grown adults hating ever thing he does and already has these false articles about him so give him a break and for those people using "brat,jerk,douch etc" get a better vocabulary

@ angelina

Yes, depositions can be very stressful,especially for someone his age, but that's what they're there for. They're basically several-hour long interrogations with repeating questions to make sure your story is straight and they ask personal questions simply to get a rise out of you. It's just how it is , unfortunately. I agree with you in the sense that, yes, many pop stars have made mistakes. But Justin has been making mistake, after mistake, after horrible, socially unacceptable, life-threatening mistake. Though I do think deportation is a little extreme, the kid does need a major attitude adjustment and some serious no-bail jail time. If he keeps getting let off the hook, he's eventually going to kill someone (though obviously not on purpose). He needs to get his act together before someone gets seriously injured.

@ angelina

i think your an idiot your just blinded by how he looks and dont want to see his actions and those adults are probably worry about kids because justin bieber is a horribles example and yes everyone deserves a second chance but definitly not twenty!!!!!!!(*·*)
#open# your# eyes!!


i don't have to listen to anything ya'll have to say...


Listen, I realize most of you are ignorant (means "not knowing"), naive children, but I must point out that that's what a deposition IS. It's a multiple hour-long session where you are repeatedly asked the same questions in order to catch inconsistencies in your story. This does not give anyone the right to be a prick, and he deserves the criticism he's getting. He's an entitled douche, albeit talented in some respects, and he has a lot of growing up to do.


Look, it was a four hour deposition. At the start of the interview, Justin was being nice and polite. It was only when he was harrassed when he was "rude". TMZ, the world's most stupid gossip site consisting of 45 year old men, posted those "rude" videos on their website just because they want to give a bad image of Justin. I wouldn't call him a brat just cause some low class,mainstream news site does.


i think hes a talented young man but i think hes got hisself into the drug scene. His attitude is different and hes nodding off in the interview.


i think hes a talented young man but i think hes got hisself into the drug scene. His attitude is different and hes nodding off in the interview.


I love him. He is amazing and inspires so many popel. What's the big deal with a dew mistakes logs of people make worse mistakes then he did. Don't make false opions, you don't know him like the Beliebers.

@ Lizzy

Sure let him make his mistakes until he kills someone driving drunk. Great idea. He needs to be disciplined and realize the world does not revolve around his arrogant ass.

@ elle