15 Hottest Celebrity Redheads: These Gingers Will Spice Up Your Day!

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Redheads sometimes get a bad wrap in the looks department. They're pale, they're freckled, there's a whole day devoted to kicking them (thanks for that South Park!).

And yet there is something fascinating about redheads.

Maybe it's because they're so rare - only 1-2% of the world's population is ginger, and there have been studies for years saying they might eventually go extinct.

These 15 celebrities prove that though the gene might be recessive, their hotness is dominant. *rimshot!*

I'd be happy to do my part help keep the redheaded gene alive with any of them. Call me?

Did your favorite ginger make the list? Who did we forget?


Why is Karen Gillian not on this list?


How is Ed Sheeran not in this list.


Christina Hendrix is not a natural redhead. I'm not sure about anyone else.


we all wonder if her genitals hairs are red too............OFCOURSE!!


Emma stone isn't a natural red head. she's a blonde. Which I always found weird because she looks so good with red hair

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