14 Celebrities Who Need to Eat Some Pie on Pi Day (And Tomorrow. And the Day After That.)

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These celebrities don't have the ASSets of Kim Kardashian! And they can't post belfies like Jen Selter.

While "thin" might be "in" it is possible to be too skinny, and some of these starlets are in the running for Waif of the Year.

And if the camera really DOES add 10 pounds...

Maybe some of these women are naturally thin. That doesn't mean they can't enjoy a good slice of pie for their souls! It is, after all, Pi Day, so if there's ever a day to eat pie, it's definitely today. Calories from pie don't count on 3.14!

From Biggest Loser's Rachel Frederickson to a once-cocaine addicted Lindsay Lohan, here are 14 celebrities who need to eat some pie. 


This is actually kind of ridiculous. The biggest loser looks healthy! Not too thin at all. In fact most of these women look perfectly fine. Posts like this send such a mixed message, You can never be just right, you're either too thin or too fat. How about worry about yourself and let other naturally thin, lucky women live their lives. Or are you just a jealous cow? Yeah, thought so.


just ONE slice without whipped cream.

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