11 Tattoos That Don't Actually Make Justin Bieber Tough

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It was proven time and again in the infamousĀ Justin Bieber deposition footage:

This 20-year old is really just an immature, petulant child.

But just try telling that to Justin Bieber himself. The artist clearly thinks of himself as one seriously hard dude who is not to be messed with.

And he tries to depict this nearly every other week at this point, getting new tattoos etched all over his body.

He has a picture of Jesus on his calf; a cross on his chest; an owl on his back; and many other drawings that WILL NEVER COME OFF. Seriously. EVER.

Does this ink make JB look hard? Sexy? Thug-like? Scroll through and decide for yourself:


2hi Justin Bieber hi Justin Bieber this is Bailey Justin Bieber how about we call each other and make each other and we can see each other and call each other hey Justin Bieber I think you're cute multiple a call me 544 hey call me 4438 mom mom this is my number Justin Bieber 5443 899 love you Justin Bieber I will I love you Justin Bieber hey my friend Justin Bieber my sister right shoe Justin Bieber Shane wants to meet you she is only 5 she won't she is more to say you Justin Bieber she really wants to see Justin Bieber she likes you Justin Bieber this is how old she is Justin Bieber she wants to see how old she wants you to text her and see how old you are please take my little sister my sister this is what you text phone 5443 899 my number goodbye what are you had any which of what are you had from a phone that you had Eraserhead tonight Justin Bieber singing tomorrow please text me


Hey this is bayleyhey Justin Bieber this is Bailey just call me um can you give you my phone number is 504 (438) 944-3544 3899 3899


I think These tattoos make Justin look sexy either way. I don't know why people have to be so judge mental on everything he does. He is 20 years old, he is a adult now. Let him live his life the way he wants. Yes I am a believer and I do agree that some of the choices he is making is not good. But if he wants to make these decisions he can. People just need to stop and learn that they don't have to hate on him just because they don't like him. An the media needs to stop making up lies and rumors about justin. For example the page that creates the most lies and rumors about anyone they can TMZ. Most of the stuff they post is lies. Seriously there is no need for them to constantly have to make lies about people just to try to ruin their career. Well my rant is done

@ Lexis Marie Bieber

Your rant is done and it appears your education ended prematurely. Stay inschool.


All these make him look sexy to me


yeah sure, he is well known with Sesame Street.

@ Mister+Baja

Lol, right the only street cred he has is Sesame Street.

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