11 Celebrities Who Have Dated Taylor Swift: Relationship Rewind!

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America's Sweetheart Taylor Swift has dated her fair share of boys we know and (sometimes) love, and is known for using them as material for her music.

A fans, we get an inside look into her breakups every time she releases a new song like "Dear John," "I Knew You Were Trouble" or "Back to December."

Swift has said that she's written about all of her ex-boyfriends, as well as some boys she's liked but never actually dated, making for a parlor game of sorts.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who Taylor Swift lost her virginity to only to get dumped via text message, is said to have inspired much of the superstar's hit album Red.

One can understand why she'd be seeing Red after that.

Who else has the 24-year-old dated over the years? Can you recall all 11 famous names? Click through the gallery of celebrity Taylor Swift exes below ...

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly took Taylor Swift's v-card, then dumped her via text. TEXT.

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The stupidity of the media always amazes me. Every single time. Speculations and making up stories never did anyone any good. I love Taylor Swift so stop making up stories about her love life, okay? Thank you. :D


There's no doubt that Taylor Swift is beautiful .The heart of the beauty of the person all has.So no criticism of others but tolerance.


but no one, beside lesbians, ever saw her vagina.


I think you've go it all wrong. 6 in 8 years, not 11. Some were friends only, but the press likes to turn fiction into fact. Get the story straight. Stop this BS with spreading false stories. You didn;t do your research, but based it all on assumption. Shame on you


She never dated Chord Overstreet. They filmed a cameo together for a Country Music Award and hung out a hockey game together once. Never dated. Taylor and Zac Efron was in the movie The Lorax together, which they did voice overs for. They never even saw each other until the premiere and when they did press for it. Which Zac stated he had a valentine/ was in a relationship, and Taylor stated she was single and celebrate valentines with a bunch of her single girlfriends. Hence they never dated either. Garret & Taylor had dinner once. I wouldn't call that dating.