The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Lisa Vander-Dumped!

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Last night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 16, we learned that these ladies will stop at nothing when it comes to stirring up drama.

Okay, that's basically true of every episode, but still. It was just nuts!

You can watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online for the full effect, but long and short of it? Lisa Vanderpump got called out on her meddling. HARD.

Brandi Glanville, Kyle and Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster all began to jump aboard the TAKE DOWN LISA bandwagon, leading to an epic confrontation.

The final straw? Lisa's behavior at a party for Yolanda's daughter Gigi.

Kyle had Brandi pass on a ring to Carlton Gebbia to complete a necklace she'd given her before their falling out, and Lisa just couldn't let that one go.

Lisa whispered "but the necklace is blue, isn't it?" And it was ON then.

At that point it became apparent - not that it was a big mystery prior to this incident - that she was goading Carlton into confronting Kyle at the party.

Carlton bounded, though, and Yolanda read Lisa the riot act over this.

Vanderpump, of course, feigned ignorance, but the days of her ruling the roost are over, baby. Well except on Vanderpump Rules. She's still #1 there.

The dominoes fell quickly, though, because without Brandi Glanville in her corner, Lisa was exposed as the puppet master meddler she's always been.

She pretended not to care or to know what the commotion is. But she cares, and she knows. Because deep down it stings, and badly, to be the dethroned queen.

How will she respond now that she's reeling from this?

We can only wait and see, but we promise it's going to be good ... if your definition of "good" is watching a bunch of rich people fight over stupid stuff.


Well, I have to agree with the writer for Hollywood Gossip's assessment, unfortunately. I do like Lisa and Kyle as well. For once, and only once, Yolanda is the only one who behaved herself. That's no easy feat for her either.
Kyle: please PLEASE get over Carlton at the very least, ( and maybe time to do the same once and for all with Lisa too) and telling something Joyce asked you to keep a secret? Shut your mouth Kyle!! Are you looking to get booted off the show? You have enough haters & I can't keep defending your silly school girl behavior. Good intentions aside, your impact is very damaging at this point.
Brandi is still instigating. Why do you trust her of all people? Stop being so desperate for people to like you! I have always liked you Kyle, but you just don't use good sense! Be cordial to all, but trust none but Joyce and Kim. Give up the fight with Carlton. Silly of you to bring out that ring and keep trying so hard! STOP it! Didn't you just say that night you are staying completely away from Carlton? You Didn't! You gave Brandi that ring to give to her. There is NOTHING you can do at this point that won't be used against you & misconstrued
by Carlton! Why don't you get that yet? Now you are just asking for it! Lisa...... Yeah you stuck your nose right in that business & DID ( stop lying, we all heard you!!) make a snide remark about the ring, "why, it doesn't match," and DID proceed to goad Carlton into confronting Kyle.
Shame on you. Mind your own business & stop manipulating Carlton now. You ARE becoming very transparent now. I like you too, but you are definetly under attack and for good reason. Carlton.... Oh boy. Sitting on your husband's lap so you don't have to sit next to Kyle? You act like a snotty brat, very immature child, REALLY!
I'm sick of hearing how devastated and offended you are after your monstrous treatment of Kyle over and over again. Stop talking about your religion!! As several TRUE Wiccans have posted on your site, they have never seen the likes of you and every bit of your behavior is NOT representative of that religion. Seems to me that you never answer any questions about this religion and get so offended because you don't know anything about it! I though you were the craziest on the shoe, until I watched your husband the last two episodes actually back your behavior!! Something is really wrong with that picture. You are BOTH now "ruining his business" all by yourselves. And sorry, this is mean, but I can't help myself because you are so hateful. Please look at your face on this latest episode, your hair, etc. then look at the other housewives. You are supposed to be early forties? You are so hard and mean looking, you looked so much older than everyone else. You've lived a very fast, hard life, and wow, it shows, inside and out. Nowhere and in no way are you'beautiful" in any sense of the word.

@ Annie

Lisa should be the classy one and not make herself seem mean spirited.
I like her. And am a bit disappointed.

@ Annie

Very consise and clear. I like Kyle and Yolanda too. Brandi is a bit harsh. Carlton is a creep.


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What show are you watching, that is far from what happenned! TeamLisa

@ beth

Totally agree Beth!

@ beth

No, that's pretty much what happened. With some questionable behavior from the other ladies. But, Lisa was exposed last night, and it doesn't look like it gets better next week.

@ lance

Agree--Team Lisa. Love how Ken stands up for her.

@ Sue

Team Lisa

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