The Real Housewives of Atlanta Photo Madness: NayNay Comes to Play

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She tried to keep her at bay on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 16, NeNe Leakes really did.

But no matter how hard the reality star tried, she could not help it in the end: NayNay just had to come out and play for a bit.

It was a confrontation-filled hour for Leakes, who went at it with Kenya and Marlo at various points.

It mostly went down at Peter's 53rd birthday party, though tension was also mounting at the Bailey Bowl and finally spilled over toward the end of the event, as depicted in the lead photo gallery moment below.

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Nene leaked is like a Oversized Toddler who needs attention. First she was mad at Porsha cuz she didn't answer her phone calls forget about Porsha was going through a Public Divorce and financial changes and now she's Mad cuz Marlo finally has started to act like she has some sense and not starting Trouble and Nene is Mad cuz she is talking to Kenya. Nene is way to Needed and she has a husband and kids. It's Ridiculous

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