The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 7 Recap: Sharleen is Outta This Joynt!

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The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 7 saw Juan Pablo cut his remaining group of women from six to four, with the quartet at the end earning hometown dates.

Actually, he only cut it to five. One woman eliminated herself and it was far from surprising. The biggest shocker was that it took Sharleen Joynt so long.

The opera singer, who returned from Germany to find true love, did not find it. She'd been unsure, or just plain in denial of, any spark with Juan Pablo.

El Bachelor had absolutely no clue about this, of course - we did, from The Bachelor spoilers - until she finally told him as much Monday and bounced.

It happens. Every week, in fact. The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) breaks unsuspecting hearts left and right. This time the tables were turned, that's all.

"I just know that he doesn't have what I'm looking for in terms of a forever partner," Sharleen said, and good ol' Juan actually did shed a tear or two.

Also eliminated last night? Chelsie Webster. We would really miss Chelsie if we had any idea she was still on the show heading into this episode.

Basically that was a foregone conclusion as well. Much less so? Juan Pablo Galavis deciding to introduce one of the ladies to his daughter, Camila.

The contestant who earned that honor? Nikki Ferrell!

In his hometown of Miami, Fla., Juan Pablo took Nikki on a date to Camila's dance recital. She also met his parents and Carla Rodriguez, JPG's baby mama.

Suffice it to say, Nikki is the frontrunner after all this.

Also advancing to the hometown dates were Andi Dorfman, Renee Oteri and Clare Crawley, each of whom have shown chemistry with our man as well.

Still, based on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 7, this is looking like Nikki's competition to lose ... much to the chagrin of every other contestant and fan.

Miss it? Want to see it a second time? Just follow the link here to watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic to relive all the unforgettable drama in full.

Then scroll through our gallery of the final four women above and tell us who you think Juan Pablo Galavis should give his final rose to this season ...


Juan Pablo was ordered to pay child support in the amount of $241 per month. According to NY child support calculator that means his gross income after taxes is less than $18,000 per year. I wonder how many of these ladies can be supported by this gentleman?


Nikki is far too vicious to make good "stepmother"material (let alone wife someone wrote, she's a nurse with a "bitchside manner"). Andi may just not be ready for that kind of relationship yet (though JP clearly likes her), and Clare is pretty vulnerable and therefore seeks an undue amount of attention. Renee is the only one with enough maturity to even be considered for his partner. However, would it actually be in her best interest given that she's the "class act" that she is, and that JP has had his share of ups and downs with his image???


Nikki, Andi and Rene are all good choices, but I think for a wife and stepmother, Nikki is the one. Andi has a very demanding career, but is smart, fun and attractive. Rene has a son and is quieter and I don't see the wife part as much as stepmother role with her. Besides blending a family is very difficult. Nikki is good with kids and she's a pediatric nurse. She has had lots of practice interacting with kids and has a fun loving, romantic side that make her the best match of the three. Clare is just a moody, immature girl.


I can't see Nikki as a potential stepmother - she isn't MATURE enough - Renee is and shows it!!!!!!!!!

@ Laurie

Totally agree. I said the same thing.

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