Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 17 Recap: Tragedy Strikes Again

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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 17 saw the family confront its second crisis in as many weeks, as Kody was forced to bury another dear, dear family member.

The Brown family patriarch had decided to throw a huge commitment ceremony on the show, until a family crisis derailed his plans at the last minute.

Kody’s father Winn passed away at the age of 78. Only weeks earlier, Kody’s brother Curtis died in a motorcycle accident. It's been a really rough stretch.

Once again, the tragedy served to bring together - and bring out the best of - Kody’s unorthodox family, as usually seems to happen with the close-knit crew.

When the chips are down, they pull together and pull through.

Also on this week's episode, the Brown family prepares to say send Mariah off to college. Far away. The wives worry about the distance aspect.

Kody has always emphasized the importance of education, however, so they can't really have it both ways. Still, saying goodbye is never easy.

“I really wanted Solomon to get to know his older brothers and sisters,” Robyn told the TLC cameras. “I think he’ll see Aspen and Logan enough."

"I'm really concerned about Mariah, and I think Mariah really, intensely loves Solomon. I want to keep that, I want him to grow up with her in his life."

"I’m hoping she can visit often.”

“I’m really nervous about how that’s going to be when we say goodbye,” Meri adds. “I’m not going to like not having her here with me on a regular basis.”

To see the episode for yourself, follow the link to watch Sister Wives online at TV Fanatic, then tell us: Are the Browns stronger than ever this season?

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