Shayne Lamas Issues Statement, Mourns Loss of Unborn Child (Who She Named)

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Shayne Lamas is on the mend.

The reality star, who was rushed to the hospital a week ago after a medical emergency, wants to let everyone know she is doing better, though she is in mourning.

The Bachelor star was 16 weeks pregnant but lost her son after collapsing at home; doctors found that she was bleeding internally around her uterus.

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Lamas, who has a daughter, Press, 2, with her husband, celebrity gossip blogger Nik Richie, was in the intensive care unit for several days, but pulled through.

"Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers," the 28-year-old daughter of Lorenzo Lamas says in a statement. "I'm out of ICU at Mission Viejo Hospital."

"I've cried reading the expression of generosity and warmth from everyone. I cannot thank the medical staff here enough for not giving up on me."

"Thank you to my father and his wife, my mother, my sisters, my grandmother and New York family, my husband's family, and to my husband for never leaving my side."

"Nik, your strength can never be measured. I love you."

Finally, Shayne Lamas gave a special send-off to the baby she never got a chance to know, along with this message: "To everyone out there, please donate blood."

By doing that simple task, "You can save a life like mine."

"In loving memory of my son, Rex Jagger Lamas-Richie."

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Loosing a child, regardless matter of age, its such a heartbreak. I am so glad she is on the mend & has such a strong support system in place. I hope she is able to gain strength from them and is able to recover quickly too.