Selena Gomez Team Defends Rehab Trip: She's Just Tired, Alright?!

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Selena Gomez's camp says she doesn't have serious issues with addiction and/or Justin Bieber, and that her rehab trip was mostly due to being "burned out."


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    People are giving her problems for going to rehab and saying she went for addiction. OK addiction is one of the Dawn at the Meadows specialty but it's not the only one. Another one is EMOTIONAL TRAUMA! And it's for people between 18-26. After the past year she's had with Bieber I'm not surprised and proud of her for getting help. They say she's tired and people are giving her more problems saying "take a nap" but there is a difference between "tired" and "exhausted" tired just sounds less dramatic. Just leave her alone people!


    Honestly, all these rumours are basically all lies. "Bieber's people" "Selena's team". Like seriously, we should just leave them alone. They both have had a rough time and at least Selena entered rehab and she realised whatever she was doing was wrong or she wasn't being herself. She did the mature thing to do. She never blamed Bieber, and everyone's going into a frenzy. Plus, we have no proof she had/has alcohol or drug addiction so I think people should stop and let her have some time to herself. Plus, she entered a month ago and she seems like she's coping well.


    If Selena said she is tired than she is tired. She's been touring. If you've been touring wouldn't you be tired to.

    @ R.W.Smith

    Oh yeah. She's JUST tired. She merely went to REHAB because she's "tired". Ya know, because she can't like... rest... have a nap... in the comfort of her own home. No no no. She needs to go to REHAB to SLEEP. Don't be naive. People don't go to rehab because they're tired. and they don't go to rehab to get over their boyfriends either.


    They look so cute together on the photos
    I wish they would give it another chance just for our sake

    @ Harry

    You are such a fucking dumb ass people shouldn't date for the sake of others. They should date because they feel a connection with each other. If you really cared about Justin and Selena then you would want what is is best for THEM and not your own selfish ass. Saying that they should be together for the sake of the fans who think they look "cute" together shows how immature you are. Reality is gonna hit you hard one day and its gonna knock you on your ass.

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