Selena Gomez Releases Post-Rehab Statement, Thanks Fans for "Cyber Hugs"

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For the first time since word of her rehab stint leaked - and since Justin Bieber supposedly bragged about taking her virginity - Selena Gomez has spoken out.

In an Instagram post last night, the young singer included the following photo and the following caption:

"I've done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me."

Gomez, of course, canceled the Australian leg of her tour in December, saying at the time that she needs to "spend some time on myself."

But it later came out that Selena checked into rehab at the Dawn at The Meadows in Arizona on January 5.

The artist only stuck around for two weeks, with her rep confirming the stay, though claiming it was NOT a result of substance abuse.

May theories have circulated since, but most point to Gomez's tumultuous relationship with Bieber, specifically his hard-partying ways and the emotional toll this back-and-forth played on Gomez.

Who can forget this alleged text message exchange, after all, and what it could do to an already burned-out young woman's peace of mind?

While those in Selena's camp stand by the star, however, Bieber has reportedly taken issue with anyone who places blames for her struggles at his feet.

He's a bad influence? HA, one source claims. Gomez is the drunk one, this insider says, and she's also been known to out-smoke Justin and his pals.

Which would be quite the accomplishment, really. 

No matter the cause, and who you believe is in the right regarding her relationship with Justin, let's all hope Selena Gomez is on a path to a full recovery.


I kinda don't have any thing to say but this is one thing I kainda feal sorry for her and for now she needs all the help she needs.if I where in her shoes I would have left justin a long time ago but it is not that I think he is punk I think the two of you need help so forget him and go see old friends and visit your family and do a good deed caus I know for a fact that the one for you Selena will soon come along and I will not stop praying for you til some thing good happens for you.


I kinda don't have any thing to say but this is one thing I kainda feal sorry for her and for now she needs all the help she needs.


the walking Slap Stick for sure!!


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