Selena Gomez Rehab Stint Confirmed; Justin Bieber to Blame?

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Many believe that Justin Bieber is in need of rehab, but a new report alleges that his ex-girlfriend actually beat him to the professional assistance punch.

According to numerous sources, Selena Gomez did not cancel the Australian leg of her tour in December because she simply needed a break from performing.

The 21-year-old did so because she checked into an Arizona rehab center for an emergency two-week stay (she has since left the facility).

Has the good girl gone bad?!

A source claims that Gomez walked into Dawn at The Meadows - a facility that specializes in young adults struggling with trauma or addiction - on January 5.

The reason? She had been "partying very hard" in the weeks prior.

Aside from staying out late, allegedly Gomez was into marijuana and prescription pills, with friends and family members "increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem."

“It’s important to remember that Selena had worked in Hollywood non-stop for six years,” an insider tells Radar Online, adding, “She was exhausted."

"Selena was smart enough to understand that she needed to take control of her life.

“It just got to a point where she needed to get out of Los Angeles, get away from ‘the scene’ and the pressures of Hollywood, to also get away from those who had, admittedly, become a bad influence on her."

In other words... Justin Bieber.

A mole says that Bieber and Gomez would "smoke marijuana regularly" and that Gomez was left "broken-hearted" by her split from her fellow star.

That's why “Selena needed to take the opportunity to work on herself. She realized she needed help.”

UPDATE: Selena's decision was largely based on "that crazy boy" (Bieber), according to TMZ, which claims Selena blames a lot of her problems on him.

Specifically, the excesses she was exposed to by being around Bieber and pals.

Sources close to Gomez say her handlers went ballistic when they found out she was hanging out again with Justin, and that she checked into rehab immediately after that.

Wonder if his penchant for strippers had anything to do with it ...

UPDATE: The rehab stint was very real. "Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse," a rep for the singer confirms to People.


Sorry but she is about as sizzling as Bieber. They both look like kids playing grown up. Selena on a good day looks 15.


Queen Selena Gomez will be fine just as long as she stays away from Justin Bieber and his little band of bratty bastards. More at:


the lack of audience at her concerts made her do it.


As I have commented before, if Justin and Selena don’t get back together they will go through emotional trauma for a long, long time because of their love for each other. We have seen how it has affected both of their careers. They can’t seem to get over each other. She should have not broken up with him in the first place, which started the crazy stuff.


At least she's smart enough to check herself in before she gets worse. This girl is smart and don't have to do stupid things to get herself out there( like others we all know). She's a layer back private person. She needs some time away from hollywood. I'm sure she has had a lot of pressure on her from RUMORS with Justin too. Good Luck Selena.


IT Does not matter if your in rehab or how long you spend there.
Just work on you get the bad stuff out of the way...Slow it down
and smell the roses.Remember back when you were 8/10 years old
Well you made it remember where you came from....take your
success and do other things that you never had time to do it.
To many stars from music to acting , are falling,,,,dieing for what reason.....Move out of Hwood..or at least buy a second home some
where else.......God BLESS THERE IS OTHER FISH IN THE SEA....


I have been saying she was most probably in rehab for weeks. The reason has been rumored to be by various sources alcohol abuse as well as probable use of drugs. There are plenty of pics as well as videos indicating this-at least in the case of alchohol overuse. Of course, her manager mother would not want her image as a clean virtuous image in the media to suffer; that's reserved for her ex-boyfriend.

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