Puppy and Baby Continue to Nap Together, Melt Internet Completely

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Remember Theo and Beau?

This puppy and this baby "instantly bonded," according to Beau's mother, Jessica Shyba, who first posted photos of the dog and her son sleeping together back in November.

Fast forward two months and neither must snore or have Restless Leg Syndrome... because the toddler and the canine are still everyday nap buddies!

A new round of pictures has gone viral and we don't care how many times Justin Bieber goes shirtless; THIS is the cutest thing you'll see on the Internet all year, guaranteed.

Click through the latest images and relive the adorable old ones now:

Baby and Dog Take a Nap
This is Beau the baby. This is Theo the dog. As you can tell, they are best friends.

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