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Get ready to hug it out, bros. The Entourage movie now has a release date.

Variety confirms that Vince and the boys will take their actions to the big screen on June 12, 2015.

Entourage Cast Photograph

It took a lot of negotiating and a great deal of back and forth, but Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven all signed deals to return in October.

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Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was involved in a jailhouse fight with another inmate last night, and it could result in more charges.

Bristol County (Mass.) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says an investigation is underway.

Aaron Hernandez Court Photo

The former NFL star is being held without bail at the Bristol County House of Correction while awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd last summer.

The 24-year-old is in the special management area of the jail, segregated from the general prison population. Others are in the same boat, however.

According to reports, another inmate, who is housed in the same segregated area, had been verbally harassing Aaron Hernandez all day Tuesday.

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Kanye West was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday, stopping by the talk how to talk fatherhood and music and remaining totally calm throughout the interview.

We know: how boring, right?!?

But the rapper showed a sweet side of himself during the Q&A, referring to daughter North West as an inspiration who has "changed [his] approach to life" and joking about how he'll now make kid-friendly music going forward.

There was no talk about Kim Kardashian, but there was typical Kanye chatter about how he doesn't care about the cameras around him, only about making history. Watch now:

Is it more fun to watch Kanye West rant like a lunatic? While wearing a mask?

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Juan Pablo Galavis got dumped in epic fashion Monday by Andi Dorfman, and with that, she looks all but certain to assume the title of The Bachelorette.

On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Andi took herself out of the running before the rose ceremony, sending Clare and Nikki to the final two by default.

This was no tear-filled departure, though. At least not for her.

Andi Dorfman Pic
A cute pic of the next Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. She's going to get the nod.

On The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9, she referred to the overnight date with Juan Pablo as "a nightmare" and accused him of being "inappropriate."

She also called him out talking about himself all the time, not having real feelings and for his constant "language barrier" defense. It was fantastic.

The nature of her exit, along with the fact that Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley just aren't that likable, makes Andi the frontrunner to be The Bachelorette.

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A Florida woman was arrested on Friday night after using 911 to summon an officer to her home with whom she wanted to have sex.

Maria Montenez-Colon, 58, initially dialed up authorities in order to demand back the Corvette she recently signed over to her step-son.

This request was denied - and so was Montenez-Colon's subsequent request after she told an officer she was "so horny" and hasn't "been penetrated in years."

When asked what the cop could do for her at the scene, Montenez-Colon replied: "You can f-ck me."

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Kim Kardashian clearly wants the public to look at North West photos and pay attention to her baby girl. And that's fine. We are happy to ooh and ahh.

When it comes to paparazzi pics that celebs don't content to, however? You have to draw the line. As such, THG is happy to join the #NoKidsPolicy cause.

As of today, The Hollywood Gossip will not publish unauthorized photos or videos of celebrities' children. Ever. If they post them, okay. If not? No go.

Morning, Kim and Nori!
It's Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.

Like other sites across the web, we are enforcing a #NoKidsPolicy after realizing the very real issues this causes for celebrity parents and their offspring.

In 2013, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry championed a California bill that imposes tougher penalties on photographers who harass kids of public figures.

Said stars' children are still being intimidated, harassed, and stalked, however, and that's not something we want to be a part of under any circumstances.

There's a time and place for celebrity gossip. This is not it.

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Amanda Bynes is getting her life together in a major way, and there is perhaps no greater indicator of this turnaround than her increasing self awareness.

According to TMZ, the 27-year-old recovering star is now remorseful about things she did and said when Bynes was at her worst, from 2012 to mid-2013.

Case in point? When she said "I want Drake to murder my vagina."

  • A Bynes Pic
  • Drake at the Grammys

As she slowly but surely treats her severe mental illness and becomes her old self again, sources close to Amanda Bynes say her past antics mortify her.

That Drake comment in particular "horrifies her" and this is a good thing, as it she knows the difference between right and wrong, and knows what's inappropriate.

Incredibly, for the actress, this wasn't a given for a long, long time.

Bynes has also stopped smoking weed, is having a number of inappropriate tattoos removed, and is being kind and friendly to those she interacts with.

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Justin Bieber may be behaving well these days, but if you're judged by the company you keep...

For the umpteenth time over the past several months, one of Bieber's entourage members is in trouble with the law, as a security guard is under arrest for stealing a paparazzo' expensive camera.

According to authorities, via TMZ, here's what went down:

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Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have put their clothes back on and posted a couple funny photos on Instagram.

Khloe (who is featured braless in Cosmo) and Kendall (who exposed her boobs on the New York Fashion Week runway earlier this month) were in a playful mood yesterday, climbing into a pair of tiny vehicles and laughing about the results online.

"mo' toyz mo' problemz," Kendall captioned one of the following images, while Khloe added "I dare you to catch us riding dirty!!!!"

  • Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Photo
  • Khloe and Kendall Ride Dirty

The toy cars in question are a Mercedes-Benz G-Class luxury SUV and a mini fire truck, though it's clear from the background that North West has many options from which to choose when she's in a driving mood.

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Carol Alt, who covered the 1982 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, is not what you'd call impressed by 2012, 2013 and 2014 cover girl Kate Upton. Like at all.

  • Carol Alt Picture
  • Kate Upton in Black

"What I don't understand with Kate [Upton] is what's all the hullaballoo," Alt, 53, said of the 21-year-old beauty. "There are many covers of Sports Illustrated."

"I don't get what the hullabaloo is. I think what it is is that in this moment there's just so much social media and that's why she's had more word of mouth."

While she may not get the mass appeal, Alt is not dissing Kate Upton personally; Carol says she's as just as deserving of her success as the others.

Therein likes the issue, though, as far as she's concerned. The hype.

"I like Kate, she's a pretty girl," she continued. "But all the girls are nice, and all the girls are pretty. Every cover, to me, deserves to be talked about."

Well yes, but this is worthy of SOME hullaballoo ... don't you think?!

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