One Direction Break-Up Rumors: Debunked!

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Step away from the ledge, One Direction fans.

Everything is going to be okay.

With rumors swirling that the group is about to make like The Jonas Brothers and split up in the near future, TMZ has officially debunked this chatter via the fine print in the boy band's contract.

Liam Payne bestowed fear in the hearts of millions around the globe when he said he hadn't seen his mates in months over the weekend.

And, yes, it's true they are writing songs separately at the moment.

But One Direction is contractually obligated to complete three more albums for its current label under its deal, with the guys only writing on their own these days to eventually compare notes and combine efforts.

Harry Styles made a similar statement to The Sun in response to this rumor.

He says the fellas are spending some time with their families, but all is quite good on the professional front.

So, yes, it's okay to take a deep breath now. Unless you're a fan of The Wanted, you can rest easy for the foreseeable future.

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this is all ramourse, they have a tour this year so why would they break up when they have they tour. BUZZING for 3rd june:).x


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they wanna have mor free time to masturbate eachother.


Except for the fact that NSYNC is still under contract to do 2 more albums. We'll see when that happens...