Nike Air Yeezy 2 on Sale at eBay! For $16.3 million!

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Earlier today, Nike shocked customers when it announced via Twitter that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 was suddenly available online.

Within minutes, the entire line was sold out.

New Kanye Sneakers

But there's hope, 'Ye lovers! A pair of the coveted kicks is on sale right now at eBay… for a cool $16.3 million. No, that isn't a typo.

It's possible Kim Kardashian herself couldn't afford such a price.

The originals retailed for $245, an already-ridiculous price because, let's face, they're shoes.

But that's a downright bargain now considering the new price tag on eBay.

How much would YOU pay online for a the Nike Air Yeezy 2?


Why is everyone mad at Kayne...he doesn't work for Nike...this was done JUST by fact if ppl did homework you would see that after the release Kayne was pretty upset, and he reiterated why he was going to Adidas now bc he feels Nike does it's customers wrong! Just a lil FYI for y'all out there!


Kanye west little boy-man, bought out his OWN TENNIS,with some of his own 100 million dollars he is suppose to be WORTH. hmm I wonder, if Kris Jenner, put some of her BILLIONS for kw little-boy man.


That's ridiculous and absurd. People are starving in this country. Feed the poor and homeless and stop making a egomaniac richer by buying his sneakers! He flaunts his wealth constantly he is disgusting!

@ PR+Woman

It's not even that PR+Woman its the fact that someone would pay that ridiculous price for something they will wear and it will deteriorate in value with every step they take. And to those who will say well I wouldn't wear them they would be in my closet it's an item to be appreciated by looking at it... Don't you know what shoes are meant for?????
I've known those people who buy apparel for ridiculous prices and those people are called Kim and Kanye wannabes.

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