Miley Cyrus W Magazine Photos: You Can Be Sexy Without Makeup or "Big T--ties"!

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Miley Cyrus poses for W Magazine this month, and continues to push the envelope when it comes to her appearance, image and public persona.


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    it's good to grow up but criticzng where u came from is just 2 much!! N those photos My God


    Miley stick with the some what long hair. The short hair on you looks horrible. You look like a boy... It's just not you. These pics are good of you. Before the wrecking ball video I thought you were good, but since then you have fallen apart. Get yourself straight again and have some class and quit showing the world your body.


    Oh my God the pictures do not look nothing like her. This young woman has lost her beautiness. I know she is trying to loose the Hanna look but she has gone way too far.
    So sad. SMH


    Smiley is completely out of control with no filter for right and wrong. If she had any sense, she would realize what poor choices she is making..she is clearly nothing more than a discusting porn star /stripper. She had great opportunity to be an outstanding role model for young girls (who badly need someone) and a great entertainer. Go away...please just go away.


    I used to be a big Miley Cyrus fan, even went to her concert in 2011 with my ex-best friend. And I say "used to" because this is what I think. She changed. And yes, everyone changes, everyone grows up, but there are steps. I believe that Miley was so determined and closed minded to separate herself from Disney, that she forgot who she was. She changed from sensitive-meaningful songwriter to a young girl (because she IS still a young girl that tries to act like she is an adult that knows everything) obsessed with sex, being "sexy"/stripper. She really doesn't know what she wants. There is nothing the family or friends or fans can do to wake her up, because she needs to wake up herself first.


    she looks good peoples plz stop hatting


    In Miley's case though, she is very MORBID... she isn't even pretty/cute. She is just a live THING,, nothing gained, and surely NOTHING LOSED. I sure HOPE that the media DROPS covering her, and all Americans have MORE IMPORTANT things to read, and SEE... not the CRIPPLE with the DIRTY tongue.


    Lol....positivity from can be sexy without makeup or big long as you're anorexic/junkie thin, and dress really slutty.

    Thanks Miley


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    She's smart but it's time for celebs to know they're doing nothing new and need to get over themselves. She speaking the truth with a fake persona. Miley don't be the typical "I'm a bad bitch" girl. It's old now.

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