Miley Cyrus to Play Tinker Bell on NBC?

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With each passing day, Miley Cyrus continues to leave her mark on stage.

In the past week alone, she has simulated oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator and put a fan's thong in her mouth. Really, there's little left for her to accomplish.

So might the 21-year old next try to leave her mark on the small screen?

According to Star, Cyrus is placing her (tiny) hat in the NBC ring and wants to portray Tinker Bell on that network's upcoming live broadcast of Peter Pan.

Following strong ratings for NBC's version of The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood in December, it will roll out another play-turned-TV-show in late 2014.

"Miley is determined to get better reviews than Carrie Underwood," an insider supposedly tells the tabloid. "Carrie could sing, but she just couldn’t act; that’s not a problem with Miley."

It is true that Underwood came across a bit stuff as Maria, but comparing her with Miley in any way at all feels sacreligious.

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“With her short haircut, she does resemble Tinker Bell! She could nab this role,” the magazine concludes.

Sadly, Gossip Cop claims this report is FALSE and Cyrus will not be auditioning for Peter Pan.

But would you WANT to see her as Tinker Bell?


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