Meredith Powell, Washington High School Teacher, Accused of Sex with Students

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Meredith Powell, a 24-year old math teacher at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, is accused of seriously inappropriate behavior with two students.

According to court document obtained by KIRO, Powell allegedly gave a blow job to a 15-year old student and had "sexual contact" with a 16-year old… all while the rest of the school was attending an assembly last month.

The alleged incidents took place in Powell's classroom, giving a whole new meaning to The Pythagorean Theorem.

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Powell pleaded not guilty on Friday to counts of third-degree child rape, along with one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

The latter charge was based on Powell supposedly sending one of her students a nude picture of herself in a bathtub via Snapchat.

Tacoma police became privy to Powell's actions after she wrote a letter to one boy’s girlfriend apologizing for “promiscuous” and “unprofessional” drunken text messages she exchanged with one of the boys.

The teacher was placed on paid leave Wednesday and arrested Thursday.

She isn't the first teacher, of course, accused of sex with her students.

Brianne Altice of Utah allegedly banged a teenager last fall, while Summer Michelle Hansen was arrested in August on 16 count of sexual relations with minors.

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This is digsuting seeing all the commetns saying this was their dream and the victims aren't actually victims. If the rolse were reversed, You'd be preaching how disgusting the guy was and how he deserved to be in jail. Why do people refuse to believe that woman can seduce minor boys? It is %100 possible to trick them into sexual relationships just as much as it is for girls to be tricked. They were under 18. She knew what she was doing, and having oral sex with someone nearly 10 years younger than her AND a minor? She's right were she belongs. She's psychopathic and disgusting.


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"Victims" "raped"... that poor 15 year old boy will be traumatized for life. He was forced to receive a blowjob from a hot 24 yr old teacher. Do you guys think she pulled a knife on him? After she gets fired and the guy turns 16 then it will be completely legal for them to have sex as the age of consent in Washington is 16.


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