Kate Middleton Told to Wear Longer Skirts By Queen Elizabeth

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Kate Middleton has apparently been instructed by Her Royal Majesty herself, Queen Elizabeth II, to wear longer skirts. Yes, this is a real thing that happened.

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl reports in the Mail on Sunday (via Vanity Fair) that the Queen has issued some directives as to how Kate should dress.

This applies to when she tours Australia in April, not on a daily basis or anything ... but still, expect longer skirts in April's Kate Middleton photos.

As per the Queen's request, the hemlines will be longer, the jewelry will be bolder, and there will be more tiaras than you can count. Sounds awesome?

In order to execute this “subtle but significant regal makeover,” as the Mail calls it, the Queen tasked her personal dresser, Angela Kelly, with preparing Kate.

The overhaul will see Kate wearing couture daytime dresses with “lower hemlines” than she typically goes for, as well as tiaras and “statement jewelry.”

The idea here is said to be positioning Middleton as “more Royal than ever,” with the “Queen watching closely," which just sounds really stalkery.

Thankfully, Kate seems to still have some input, with her personal hairdresser, Amanda Cook Tucker, reportedly accompanying her on the visit.

She has also approached preferred designers Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley about creating gowns and dresses for the three-and-a-half-week trip.

We understand that HRM operates on a different plane than, well, anyone else, and probably means well with this dictum, but still. Come on, Queen.

Have you not seen how gorgeous Kate is? IN EVERYTHING?


Come on, at least get the details correct. It isn't "Her Royal Majesty", it's just '"Her Majesty, the Queen". Kate is HRH, "Her Royal Highness". Your protocol instructor isn't very bright. As for the hemline issue, well the gal will be Queen Consort one day so I suppose Her Majesty wants her to know how to be one. You can't go the south of France and sunbathe topless on the beach anymore when you are in line to be queen.


I was waiting to see how long it would take the dysfunctional Windsors and the queen to antagonize the Middletons. If it isn't broke, why fix it. The queen should concentrate on the dress her granddaughters wear first. No matter how low the hemline, Kate wins in beauty and elogance. Leave the women alone. You have been queen sixty years, now retire into the sunset. As for Charles and the wicked Camilla, the people know what you did. Dirty and nasty. You will never control the Csmbridges and thank God, there is really nothing you can do about it but ride off in the sunset with your old bag wife and out of touch mother.


Kate is a smart Lady. She knew the deal and the game before she got into this. Queen/King makes the rules, you live by them, or you step out of the succession line. The Queen does not want any more fly-up-skirts that show off knickers. I can't blame the old gal. It will not kill Kate's spirit nor fashion sense to bring the hemlines to her knees. And frankly, there are enough pictures of Kate's knickers out in the pubic view because her skirts were too short. How embarrassing for little George and the spare heir.


I hope she doesn't fold to the dictates of a woman who is out of touch with the times. We been through this before with Princess Diana. Time marches on, but HRH seems to be in a time warp.


Kate is a beauty. Leave het alone. Elizabeth dictated to Diana until she could not take it and left. And Kate's clothes are so very apprpopiate for het age. Elizabeth open the windows in those stuffy castles and left fresh air in.


Uh here we go....The old bat is gonna start picking on everything Kate does now...Didn't she do enough to Diana and Fergie....Does she want a 30 something to look like her? A prune? When is this old bat gonna kick the bucket any way????


The Queen is reflecting the view of someone brought up so many decades ago and of great age. I think many aged folks (I am such) do this-part of the human condition. When Princess Catherine's father-in-law ascends the throne the Queen's dictum will be scrapped. Personally I'd love seeing the princess in a thong string bikini but I don't think that's in the cards.

@ Elliot J Stamler

Elliot, nicely stated. One thing though, if it was up to the queen, she would try and make it a LAW. This day and age is different now, than when she was YOUNG. She is in that catagory where her CHERRY most likely has grown back. To suggest to Kate to do this is just REDICULOUS. Here we go Kate, just like with Princess Diana, the queen can be your personal CRUTCH, and that would drive anyone nuts, because you aren't living your OWN life. Do what you feel is the BEST for you... Stick to your ideals, and maybe the queen will give it up... heaven knows that she and Charlie, will never be in that INFAMOUS tunnel... Geez, I wonder WHY?


As always, that stuffy old Queen Elizabeth is so annoying!!!!! Kate needs to tell that old woman to get a life!!!!!


Too bad she can't tell that old hag to f off.


Maybe it's time for U.K. to have a new king. The queen needs long dresses to hide those aged legs, Kate doesn't. I'm sure, in time, Kate would start to wear longer anyway. She looks great with William.

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