Kate Middleton: Pregnant with Baby Girl?!

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant again, and this time it's a girl (according to a supermarket tabloid with a penchant for stating the inaccurate)!

So basically, she's not expecting. At least until we hear it from a more reputable source. Still, if you want to buy what Star is selling this week, here goes:

Kate Middleton: Expecting a Girl?

The celebrity news weekly alleges that Kate Middleton is “three months along” and that she shocked Prince William with the news on Valentine’s Day.

"Little George is getting a sister, and Kate is absolutely thrilled,” an alleged insider says ... ignoring the fact that she likely wouldn't know the gender at 12 weeks.

“She was really hoping the next child would be a girl, and having it confirmed has just given her the best start to the year. Kate and William are ecstatic!”

A “royal insider” informs the magazine, “Kate has been talking about it to people ... she isn’t trying to hide it. It’s so different from when she had George."

"She seems more at peace now, because she knows what to expect.”

And we know what to expect ... quarterly stories like this from Star.

They also said Middleton was pregnant again two months ago, and likely will so again in May or June, etc., until one day they luckily time it right.

Hey, it's kept them in business for decades. People must love it?

Conveniently, Buckingham Palace does not officially comment on reports like this, however, real insiders confirm that the story is 100 percent false.

No sibling yet for Prince George ... but someday, fans. Someday.

What day? We can't say. But don't expect any more frolicking in a bikini after the last Kate Middleton pregnant baby bump pics caused such uproar ...

Libby pascoeuki

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Kate's family did everything in their power to help her get where she is. She seems to be fitting in very well & has already produced the next in line to be King of England after her husband. England is not all that wonderful to visit with their cool, rainy weather a lot of the time. How many people do you think would choose England as a vacation destination to visit if it were not for the Royals & their families & all those historic places about the Royals & the history of the past kings?


I don't think we should blame people who have nothing to do with "the problem". The young Royals are living the life they were born into, and not by choice ( I might add).
@ Voiceofreason; 'Inbreds' is taking it a bit too far. Kate is not of any nobility, so that comment is quite misplaced, spiteful and unnecessary


she is not royalty she married into so called royalty


The world needs a few dignified people out there - it's blatantly obvious (I agree with Sherry) that you're jealous. And YOU need to open 'ur eyes', and spell properly, before anyone can take you seriously. And for the record, LOL is so 2012.


Why should she be working. She is still on maternity leave. Most of the world allows new mothers several months or even years to stay home and care for their babies (the US is completely behind and lacking on this and should be ashamed).

@ MR

Well, Germany no longer allows the "years" of maternity leave. My cousins wife, had theur daughter last year. She goes back to work this month. They used to do it where mom gets three years then dad gets three years. All six years were paid time off...so much for that. However, I personally don't care for rich people, royalty included. Just look at how much of a disgrace the prince of Hamburg is. Public intoxication, urinating on a Turkish flag IN FRONT of the Turkish. And I thought royalty was supposed to set a good example.


They ought to write an article about why Waity Kate hasn't worked any more than one day so far this year. She ought to be ashamed of herself, but she has no character and no work ethic. Ditto for Baldy, her lame husband.


It's called maternity leave,foden Muppet.


so there will be another role model on this planet very soon!!

@ Mister+Baja

And if the "role model" is anything like it's lazy,vacant,bimbo mother then God help us.


There you go bad mouthing people you know nothing about so you should all shutup just because your not Royalty your jealous.

@ Sherry

No one is 'jealous' LOL just calling the 'royal' inbreds on welfare out. open ur eyes :)

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