Kate Beckett Wedding Dress: Love It or Loathe It?

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Kate Beckett was a busy woman on Castle Season 6 Episode 14.

She caught the murderer of a magazine editor's assistant. She infiltrated the fashion industry. And she tried on her wedding dress for the first time. EEK!

Opinion seems mixed on the gown, which is the creation of series costume designer Luke Reichle.

A similar re-embroidered French silver bullion lace dress would retail for about $30,000. Would you fork over that amount for this outfit?

Kate Beckett Wedding Gown

Watch Castle online at TV Fanatic to relive the latest episode in full and react now: What do you think of Kate Beckett's wedding dress?

How does it compare to other famous wedding dresses? Of actual celebrities?

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I Personally didn't hate the dress Could have been better yes but to completely the destroy this dress and replace it with a white dress that look like it had a lace turtle neck was a very bad choice. They should have just improved on the original design by adding a white bodice or some white to the top to balance it out. I loved the other one cause it was creative and not every day the other one looks like a cookie cutter wedding dress that wasn't cut properly.


I think it's a lovely dress, I just don't think it suits Kate Beckett.. She would suit something more like Kate Middletons...


Very nice dress!


Looks ugly


'Simple' has the future.

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