Kardashians Kover Notebook, Kreate Kontroversy: Where Are Their Kurves?

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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are featured on the cover of The Sunday Mirror's latest issue of Notebook, posing as "style icons with killer curves."

But there's just one problem: Where are these killer curves?!?

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashia on Notebook

The siblings and the publication has come under fire across the Web for what appears to be a ridiculous example of Photoshopping.

As Great Britain's Daily Star says, the trio looks to have been "hacked, chopped, and re-sculpted," with Khloe suffering as "primary victim of the overzealous retoucher," having been given an elongated neck and "unnaturally long legs."

The reality stars, of course, are no strangers to Photoshop controversy.

Last month, Kim was accused of digitally altering a picture of her butt, shooting down the accusation and later saying how much those rumors suck.

What do you think in this case? Should the magazine have laid off the editing? And how does this Photoshop compare to the following past extreme examples?


I find it so very weird that every site I may comment on an kardashian now every comment goes straight to moderation.hmmm Why? I guess I am speaking the truth of all my opinions. I guess someone does not want the real truth REVEALED.


The kardashians are truly FAKE sobig time. I though I would post another comment of my own about kim,from another website. Kim,standing next to Ciara,kim trying to look SEXY,needs to go back to the drawing Board,another fail attempt. Kim, has this Vampire stare as if she is Ready to suck all the blood from her PREY.hmm If you stare at the pictures long enough, you will feel a very Wicked,Evil,feeling. Kim, does not seem to be the same person as of before she got pregnant with kanye's littleboy-man's baby. I wonder if Kim, has been CLONED? Just wondering there is always that first time right. Kims looks so PLASTIC now something is really off with this chick. Prayers are so needed for Kim because no matter how hard she really trys anymore nothing WORKS. Also,as for the rest of this wicked evil Cursed family they all need prayers.


just went out for a walk together.


Peter Paul Rubens would have loved painting the K sisters. The bigger the butt and gut, the better...hence the term Rubenesque (what we now call "plus-sized" ladies). They need to lay off the photo-shop and wear their real bodies loud and proud.


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Well I guess anyone can look when they are photoshopped, They have flaws just like everyone else. They will never be skinny it's in their DNA, big asses and that is all they will be. Kim needs to get and uplift on her sagging breast. How about that

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A person would have to be blind not to see the photo has been photoshopped. Khloe wish she ws that slim.

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