Kanye West Rants at Racist Media: SHOW ME RESPECT!

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Kanye West  got engaged to Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 5 in October.

So the rapper should be relaxed and content, right? 

That wasn't the state in which Kanye found himself Saturday during a concert in New Jersey, as he added to his collection of classic rants by donning a mask and going off on what he perceives to be a racist media.

"I don’t care who you are — TMZ, E!, Barbara Walters — don’t play yourself. Respect it as such,” yelled West, in reference to his engagement to Kim.


West then compared himself to Miles Davis, Prince and Missy Elliot.

He went on to say his life is not a "spoof," taking issue (we guess) with parodies of his relationship such as SNL's Waking Up with Kim and Kanye.

“Write that mother-cking headline when you try to make me look like a maniac or an animal, because you afraid of interracial relationships," he yelled. "Because you afraid of the future, because you afraid of a rapper that was raised by two educated parents.”

The speech also touched on corporate greed, his many enemies and his love for his competitors such as Drake.

But West wanted to make one thing clear at the end of it.

"Don’t think that I’m upset, because I’m actually very, very happy.”

Gee, Kanye. Why would we ever think otherwise? Here are 10 reasons, we suppose...j


yes so happy he rants at his captive audience every concert-I am sure even the idiots that would actually buy a Gay fish concert ticket will get tired of that crappp and he is a over rated scum bag who is marrying a total loser pornnn skankkk that's why he gets no respect-not because of racial issues-now he is picked on because he is with a white woman?-one Kim ain't white and second she is a cow-thats not the reason dumbbb azzzz


Calling Kanye Mr. Kartrashian is hilarious willy-boy. Kanye just makes himself look crazier and crazier with his rants. Why doesnt he just be a good artist and shut his mouth so more stupidity doesnt come out of it. How much longer does America have to put up with the Kim trash show.Well, they all fly in a small airplane together, so maybe the American public will get lucky and they will crash together, so we dont have to endure, their Kartrashian shit anymore.

@ Free Willy Two

yes who wants kanye to get his pilots license and buy some private jet to transport the whole ho house around-come on Kanye show us just how "impotant" you are


Hey Mr.Kartrashian Eat crap and dir


This guy is the most ungrateful, put-upon idiot there is! If all media stopped paying attention to his rants and ignored him and his narcissistic greedy girlfriend, Kanye would rant more than ever!


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